Palazzani Industrie has appointed Spimerica as its new Distributor for USA and they are ready to meet everyone at the ARA show in February in Orlando.

Spimerica is a Company based in Miami – Florida – and managed by industry professional Ben Taft, who has an extensive experience in the construction rental industry and in the manufacturing sector.

Spimerica offers accessibility options to facilitate safer work environments and improve efficiencies within workplace productivity by providing world class spider booms and cranes to the USA Rental Industry market” says Ben Taft.  “Spimerica chose Palazzani as their premier manufacturer because of the rich history Palazzani offers.  With over 80 years of manufacturing experience, expert engineering that creates the highest quality spider lifts in the world, a commitment to safety that is unmatched and the most diverse lineup in the industry our choice was easy!”. Ben Taft adds

Spimerica’s Core values are aligned with the core values Palazzani shares: Keep Everyone SAFE, Act with Integrity, Act in the best interest of the customer.

We are proud to be affiliated with a partner such as Palazzani and the solutions we create separate us from our competition allowing our customers to get more work done with the safest machines available” ends positively Ben Taft.

The first two units which are already available for Shows and demos in USA are TZX 550 (the

US name for TZX 170), TZX 620 (TZX 190), that will be shortly followed by TSJ 82 (TSJ 25) and XTJ 105 (XTJ 32) all on crawler version and with different power options (Diesel+AC) and (AC+DC with gel battery pack).

Thanks to the possibility to cover a wide range of applications and to solve indoor/outdoor complex situations in narrow spaces, Spider Lift is becoming more and more popular in US market.

Palazzani Spider booms range is from 55ft to 170ft, providing the safest solution at heights that many applications require.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the ARA show in February in Orlando and showing you all a better way up!”

  1. Electric winch on the basket for XTJ models with 150kg of max lifting capacity: Palazzani Spider Lifts are more and more versatile!

How often customers need to lift some material during their aerial working? It can be tools, construction material, branches in tree care applications, or more recently and more and more frequently elements of antennas to attach.

The 150 kg electric winch in the basket is the solution to this application!

Applied for the first time by Palazzani on a Ragno XTJ 43 + / C Spider Lift, it received immediately a big interest from many customers.

The function that makes this optional interesting is the comfort for the operator to work and control the winch from the basket, just with the help of a second operator who attaches the load from the ground.

The electric winch is installed on the basket through a special mechanic mobile support. It is composed of an electric motor, a certified 5 mm diameter rope, a certified hook with a capacity of 150 kg and a wire control to raise and lower the rope.

Simple and fast for the operator: just by connecting the electric motor of the platform to the domestic power, or to the optional generator, turning on the generator, manually turning the support to the working position, removing the locking pin, hooking the load and moving the rope by controls from the basket.

The electric winch in the basket is an option available on all machines where it is available and combined with the 3rd work area: XTJ 32, XTJ 37+, XTJ 43+, XTJ 48.1+ and XTJ 52+.

  1. One Palazzani TZ 330 ECO Lithium for the construction of “Moscow City” concert hall

“Moscow City” is the name of the new Concert Hall in Mosque – Russia.

A public multifunctional cultural and entertainment leisure center. The unique complex will be nominated in 18 categories in the Guinness book of records, including the nomination „The largest architectural clock in the world”.

The complex internal architecture of this building requires a special solution for all final stages of construction and following general maintenance.

FUN GENERATION, a management company in the field of integrated investment and construction engineering, has acquired a lift to the concert hall under construction

The study of specific aerial needs and negotiation with the customer for choosing the best solution began at the early stages of the project.

The specialists of LLC „Vertex” (Palazzani Dealer in Russia) provided consulting services for the selection of lifting equipment. As a result, the best option was the new spider Palazzani TZ 330 ECO: totally electric and powered with Lithium battery. The Spider lift has been delivered in December 2019 and it will operate at the final stages of construction of the concert hall and during the following operation of the complex.

Palazzani TZ 330 with a working height of 32m and a load capacity of 250kg was delivered with an impressive set of options:

  • fully electric drive with 220V mains supply and lithium batteries, maintenance-free, do not emit explosive gas when charging and operate at low temperatures in winter;
  • no-marking tracks that leave no trace on the delicate surfaces of the concert hall;
  • electric winch with a load capacity of 250 kg for the use of the machine as a crane;
  • ultrasonic sensors on the perimeter of the basket to prevent collisions;
  • lift status monitoring display in the work basket, allowing the operator to have complete information about the machine while working at altitude;
  • compressed air or water supply line to the basket, allowing to keep the facades clean from the outside.

The delivery was made directly to the 7-th floor of the facility.  The lift without the basket was placed in the cargo elevator, which was not an easy task, but the senior mechanic Vertex Alexander Zhabin coped with it „perfectly”: he skillfully maneuvered in a confined space. On the 7-th floor of the building, in the main room of the concert hall under construction under a huge glass dome, Vertex Staff instructed the customer management about the lift safety and operation.