Home International SPIDER LIFT XTJ 52 Looks Like 7 Years Younger. One Young SPIDER LIFT XTJ 52 Ready to be Rented in France  
SPIDER LIFT XTJ 52 Looks Like 7 Years Younger. One Young SPIDER LIFT XTJ 52 Ready to be Rented in France  

SPIDER LIFT XTJ 52 Looks Like 7 Years Younger. One Young SPIDER LIFT XTJ 52 Ready to be Rented in France  


Specialized in the rental aerial platform since 1994, Corberon Pierre SARL is located in France, in the department of Yonne, Sens and Avallon.

The company deals with the rental aerial platforms, with or without operator, throughout France.

Safety and environment are very important matters to the French company, so it operates to respect the safety of people and property, while providing quality works, high performance, all respecting the environment.

The rental options that can be chosen are: heavy machines (PL) from 35 to 76 meters, spider on tracks from 15 to 52 meters, light machines (LV) from 18 to 23 meters.

Pierre Corberon, chairman of the company, already owns Palazzani’s spiders and, thanks to the increasing of request the demand of Spiders in the French market, he wanted to renew the Palazzani range by replacing the current XTJ 52 (dated 2014) with a new one.

The main characteristics of this Spider are undoubtedly its sturdiness, its height and the 980kg interchangeable winch, “we considered useful to renew this Spider with a more recent machine, thus take advantage of the latest technologies to satisfy and acquire customer loyalty” says Corberon.

The collaboration between Palazzani and Corberon last from 10 years and continues to consolidate more and more thanks to the mutual trust but, first the high-quality products: “the business with Palazzani has always worked well, we have seen a technological upgrade over the years but, the most important thing is the collaboration between designers, technicians, the buyer and especially with operator who is the daily user of the machine. Today we have 6 Palazzani Spiders in our rental fleet, and we are proud of it.” Says Pierre.

The most requested applications for medium/large sized Palazzani Spiders are linked to the develop of GSM network on French territory, but also interventions on the high voltage electricity network.

The smaller Spiders, on the other hand, are often used for gardens, courtyards, cemeteries, churches, and other buildings maintenance.

As Corberon usually says “there is a Spider for each job!”, for outdoor and indoor, the Palazzani range responds promptly to every need. In addition, the ongoing technological evolution applied to our products, especially in the field of hybrid and clean energy power, will make it possible to optimize the use of Spiders in all configurations and types of outdoor and indoor sites.

“We can’t wait to see and work with our new Spider XTJ 52” concludes Corberon.

We are confident that this collaboration will consolidate more and more over the time.

If you would like information or explanations about our products, do not hesitate to contact the Palazzani Staff.





The GIS expo is one of the most important events in the field of aerial lifting as it is the only Italian event for the users of cranes, aerial platforms, telehandlers, machines, and equipment for industrial and port works.

Unfortunately, because of the Pandemic, this event was questioned until the last moment but, also thanks to the efforts of Mr. Potestà, this long-waited fair opened its doors on 8th October in Piacenza.

The success was extraordinary with a high turnout. Over 12 thousand visitors, 67 trade associations and 400 exhibitors.

We showed our top 5 products and some news that captured the attention of a large number of audience who asked to our Staff further information.

The most important innovation was undoubtedly the “Hybrid 2”, a hybrid System equipped with two types of power supply: Diesel and electric with lithium battery.

Hybrid 2 offers the maximum reduction of emissions into the environment through a perfect synergy between battery and Diesel engine and it has 4 modalities: Eco, Auto, Manual and Full.

This innovation allows high performance with the lithium battery, such as 3 simultaneous movements, one entire day of working autonomy and maximum collaboration between Diesel and battery.

Our Best Seller XTJ 52+ was also present with 980kg winch, excellent for high altitudes works such as telecoms assembly and disassembly.

XTJ 37+ had also a great success, with extendable tracks, perfect for transferring on uneven grounds.

One last goodbye to Italy, before leaving for our American dealer SPIMERICA, to our Spider TZX 250, which welcomed a large number on interests from those who work at low altitudes, most of all for its super lightness.

Last but not least, our Mini Crane RPG 2900 that, only 730 mm wide and 2600 kg weight, is an excellent solution for operating in narrow and inaccessible sites.

Palazzani dinner took place with the opportunity to personally meet our dealers again after a long time and to consolidate the relationship with the staff.

We finished in the best way; receiving an award, our chairman Davide Palazzani received the well-deserved GIS expo 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.

This trade was a great success and opportunity from all points of view and gave us the sprint to continue to improve and satisfy the needs of our customers in the best possible way.

All the Palazzani Staff thanks you for your kind presence and is ready to welcome and satisfy any of you requests.




Since 1981, GV3 Venpa has been on the market as a specialist in the rental and assistance of construction vehicles, in Italy and abroad.

Today, with over than 4000 machines, 31 branches and a staff of over 180 professional people, it guarantees important supplies of machines, assistance, and complementary services.

For Venpa, innovation means growth, so the company has and renew the resources to always find the most effective solution for each request.

Venpa recognizes itself in values such as experience, enthusiasm, perseverance, professionalism, and passion in serving customers.

Companies like this need solid partnerships, reliable products, and high professionalism.

It is for these reasons that the cooperation between Palazzani and Venpa last for decades, a professional partnership that is now considered as historical that has been consolidated over the years thanks to the high quality of the products, as well as continuous develop in technological and research areas.

Venpa also points out that: “the wide range offered, the continuous attention to technological innovation and the reliability of Palazzani products have been decisive in the company’s choices.”

The models which best suit the Venpa’s rental are the Spiders from 17 to 32 meters.

The most requested area of application of the company is undoubtedly the maintenance, however, the evolution of the product has certainly contributed to expanding the area of application of the Spiders; thus, dimensions, weights and performances allow to satisfy the most different requests.

Venpa continues to rely on Palazzani products as they fully satisfy customer requestes.

If you are a rental company and you need to introduce high quality products into your range, Palazzani is for you.