Home International New year with a new lift. Palazzani TSJ 39 Bi – energy for a large shopping and entertainment center in Moscow
New year with a new lift. Palazzani TSJ 39 Bi – energy for a large shopping and entertainment center in Moscow

New year with a new lift. Palazzani TSJ 39 Bi – energy for a large shopping and entertainment center in Moscow


The profitability of shopping centers directly depends on the attendance, therefore, the creation and maintenance of comfortable conditions for buyers at any time of the year is the priority for the maintenance service.

Indoor features and narrow corridors, significant ceiling heights, architectural and artistic lighting systems create several difficulties for the maintenance of the mall. Also, special attention is paid to the fulfillment of industrial safety and labor protection requirements during maintenance work. All this cannot be performed without a special lifting equipment.

Vertex, Palazzani Dealer in Russia, received an enquiry from one of the Moscow shopping and entertainment centers. A self-propelled lift was needed for indoor and outdoor building maintenance.

The shopping center, with a total area of ​​150,000 sq. m, has a semi-transparent facade with a wave-like geometry, lined with corrugated aluminum panels, the height of which is 35 m, and the total glazing area is 7 800 sq. m.

The self-propelled Palazzani spider lift TSJ 39 Bi-energy was perfectly suitable for the customer’s needs.

Palazzani TSJ 39 is a tracked lift with telescopic boom, with a working height of 39m, a lifting capacity of 230kg and a horizontal outreach of 16.5m. With a combined type of Bi-energy power supply (Diesel+AC), it can operate both in indoors, powered by the monophase or threephase electric motor, and for the servicing the facade of the building and the area outside the shopping center using the diesel engine.

As all Spider lifts, it is characterized by compact dimensions and low weight with an impressive working height. This is very important to work in confined spaces. This feature sets them apart from articulated and telescopic wheel lifts. TSJ 39 is equipped with rubber tracks that do not leave marks on the delicate flooring of the shopping center.

The self-propelled lift Palazzani TSJ 39 was delivered to the buyer in a short time. During the transfer of the equipment, a detailed use and operation training course was provided by Vertex Staff.

980kg Hydraulic Winch: Available now for the Spider XTJ 52+

After its launch on 2014, the hydraulic winch of 500 kg lifting capacity on Palazzani Spider Lifts has received a great success among local and international customers.

It has almost become a “must have” on the high machines – from 37 to 52 m – mainly for general maintenance (i.e. Telecoms) and tree care applications.

This success has led Palazzani Industrie to develop a stronger winch of 980 kg of max lifting capacity, for the model XTJ 52+.

The new hydraulic winch is composed of a hydraulic motor, a certified 7 mm diameter and 51 m long rope. The system is the same and simple: the winch replaces the cage in few minutes and transforms the Spider Lift into a Spider Crane; the machine software automatically enters into crane mode without any adjustment needed from the operator and it is controlled by the same standard ground radio controls. The machine does not change or lose any of its original characteristics and safety when used in Spider Lift mode.

The transformation can be even faster, thanks to the optional quick pipes coupling: a mechanical connection lever which disconnect/connect all pipes are automatically in few seconds second.