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NEW for WOC 2020! Las Vegas, February 3-7

NEW for WOC 2020! Las Vegas, February 3-7


SSPC1 – SSPC Concrete Coating Inspector Program

NEW for WOC 2020! Inspections are one of the most essential parts of the coatings process. Inspectors, contractor managers, specifying engineers, technical personnel and material/equipment suppliers involved in the concrete coating industry should attend this course. Participants can walk away as Level 1 or Level 2 Certified Concrete Coating Inspectors with deeper understanding of surface preparation, coatings, inspection instruments, and tests done before, during and after coating of industrial concrete structures and facilities.

Course Content:
– Common duties, responsibilities and role of a concrete coating inspector
– Job-specific duties identified in pre-job conferences & work plans
– Concrete coating inspection equipment
– Inspection of concrete surface preparation
– Moisture impact on concrete substrate, moisture vapor emissions rate and concrete moisture testing
– Concrete coating inspections during and after coating application
– Inspection plan/procedure

Course Agenda: Sunday – Wednesday
Days 1-3: classroom lectures, quizzes, written homework and assigned readings
Day 4: inspection of coating application; three workshops (coating adhesion testing, inspection plan development, simulated QA/AC inspection); CCI Level 1 written exam; and hands-on practical focusing on use of inspection instruments
Day 5: Level 2 Certification exam for candidates who have passed the CCB eCourse and CCI Level 1 exams

Registration includes: comprehensive manual with references of relevant SSPC standards and required online Concrete Coating Basics (CCB) eCourse. Lunch is not provided with this course.

Registration Fee CCI Level 1: $1,345
Registration Fee Levels 1 & 2: $1,545

Presented by the Society for Protective Coatings.
Questions should be directed to Sara Badami at 
badami@sspc.org or 412-281-2331 ext 2208.



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