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KEUCO Fittings and accessories in the newly built quarter LAGOM at the Ammersee

KEUCO Fittings and accessories in the newly built quarter LAGOM at the Ammersee


A style of living for all senses

The ideal retreat that promises relaxation and the feeling of having arrived – this is how architect Susanne Muhr of Iynx Architects describes her vision of the LAGOM residential project in Herrsching at the Ammersee. The combination of warm wood, lots of glass and light and a modern architectural language already creates an impressive image from the outside.

The architecture is characterised by high-quality wooden lathing, which is a style-defining element across all the facades.

The interior concept of the houses and flats in the quarter exudes the architecture and surrounding nature in the interior in terms of materials, colours and moods. Natural, organic materials and timeless, functional shapes contribute a pleasant lightness to the living spaces.

Floor-to-ceiling glazing and large window elements catch the daylight. The living rooms are fitted with real oak parquet flooring – as are the bathrooms.  This is where LAGOM relies on renowned brands such as KEUCO. Fittings and accessories from the brand manufacturer in brilliant shiny chrome finishes complement the elegant glazed tiles and emphasise the bright bathroom atmosphere.

KEUCO fittings „made in Germany” combine first-class design, flawless surfaces, maximum functionality and quality. The IXMO series made by KEUCO was chosen for the shower and bathtub fittings. Thanks to the bundling of functions, only a few elements are visible on the wall.

At the same time, the fittings are most restrained and reduced in design. The result is a calm room aesthetic, ideal for coming down.

For showering, residents can choose between a large head shower or a bar hand shower using a 2-way shut-off and diverter valve. The fitting also serves as a shower holder and hose connection element. The single-lever mixer can be used to set the individual comfort temperature and water volume. For the shower option in the bath, the choice fell on IXMO as well with an individually height-adjustable shower with shower rail. The hand shower slider is particularly easy to operate using just one hand or with wet hands.

PLAN blue single-lever mixers are used at the washbasin. A timeless and durable design language characterises a sustainable design. At the same time, water can be saved using PLAN blue single-lever mixers, as the flow rate is only 6 l/min instead of the usual 9-12 l/min. The water experience is not impaired: Special jet regulators ensure a full, bubbling and soft water jet.

The LAGOM residential project at the Ammersee stands for more nature, more time for the family, more sustainability – without sacrificing urban lifestyle. KEUCO fittings and accessories fit perfectly into the high-quality and design-strong living concept.

Nature and Lake Ammersee provide the impetus for the architecture and interior design of the houses and flats in the quarter.

The shower area offers a large head shower and a bar hand shower. IXMO fittings provide a reduced design through the bundling of functions and simple use.

With KEUCO, intelligent features are in the detail: for example, the height-adjustable shower slider can be easily operated with just one hand or wet hands.

The timeless design of PLAN blue fittings makes them the ideal choice for modern bathroom furnishings. Brilliant chrome surfaces effectively emphasise the extreme precision in workmanship.

Sustainability in the cloakroom too: with a flow rate of just 6 l/min, the PLAN blue single-lever mixers save water, energy and costs.

The slim, understated design of the toilet paper holder from the COLLECTION MOLL by KEUCO lends it lightness and timeless beauty.


About  KEUCO

KEUCO GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally active, full provider of premium bathroom furnishings. KEUCO offers a wide range of fittings, accessories, mirror cabinets, lights and mirrors, washbasins and bathroom furniture “made in Germany”.

Design and function play a decisive role at KEUCO. The aim of perfectly crafted products is to combine aesthetic forms with sensible functionalities – a claim that is consistently taken into account right from the idea through to the implementation. KEUCO has a long tradition of working together with designers. The company has been family-owned since it was founded in 1953 and has its headquarters in Hemer, Westphalia.