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Globalworth Square and Globalworth Tower illuminated in pink

Globalworth Square and Globalworth Tower illuminated in pink


Last month, the Gobalworth Foundation launched in partnership with the Renaşterea Foundations the Mobile Caravan for Cervical Cancer Diagnosis at Chitila Logistics Hub, one of the benchmark projects for Globalworth’s logistics and light industry sub-brand. Thus, between September 12 and December 10, approximately 1,200 women will have free access to Pap tests for detecting gynecological diseases. Among them are also members of the business community working in the Globalworth premises.

To continue the fight against cancer, Globalworth emphasises the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thus, Globalworth Tower and Globalworth Square, two emblematic office buildings in Romania, were illuminated in pink for a day, showing the company’s support for people battling breast cancer and the hope for a brighter future.

More than half of cancer patients in Romania (58.4%) are diagnosed only in stages III and IV, compared to European countries, where 70-80% of new cases of cancer are detected in the early stages of the disease (0, I and II). Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women in Romania. Annually, 9,629 women are diagnosed with breast cancer nationwide, and the number of deaths amounts to 3,209. Moreover, every person who died of breast cancer lost about 13 years of life prematurely.

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About the Globalworth Foundation               

The Globalworth Foundation was founded in 2018 by Globalworth, the market leader in office buildings in Romania and Poland, and is a non-profit entity, being independent of the group’s commercial activities. The mission of the foundation is to develop projects on three main pillars: people, places and technology.

Starting from the idea that the future of any society is represented by the younger generations, the foundation focuses on caring for people, which can be supported by education programs and projects that can improve their access to quality medical services, regardless of the social category to which they belong. Equally important are initiatives aimed at building places and developing urban communities where people can meet, interact and work together to find solutions that help those with special needs. In addition to these, the Globalworth Foundation believes in the positive impact of technology-integration projects, such as youth incubators, and supports funding for innovations that, among other things, can bring people together.

More information is available on the site and on the communication channels Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn