There’s a tiny corner in Southern Italy that has only recently come out of the shadows. Matera, the ancient revamped capital of Basilicata, with its magnificent rocky cavernous landscape and its troglodyte dwellings, has become more popular also internationally, being awarded European Capital of Culture for 2019.

Few months ago another beauty has landed in Matera, a great Palazzani tracked platform model XTJ37 +, ordered by the Festa srl ​​Group, a Company specialized in aerial work for two generations, owned by  the two brothers Adriano and Dario Festa.
With its 37 m of max w/h and 14.5 m outreach, this innovative Spider Lift is ideal for all aerial works requiring minimum footprint and excellent height performance.

The first application of XTJ 37+ is the telephony with the installation of 5G systems and secondly the construction. The narrow streets which characterize the Lucanian center with alleys, stairs, slopes can be accessed only by a supercompact machine.

This XTJ37 + is equipped with the 500 kg hydraulic winch transforms it to a versatile crane, easily controlled by the same radio control. The hydraulic winch is among the most today requested items: quick to be installed, very smooth and sharp, with modern controls assisted by a highly sophisticated and professional Can Bus system. This machine configuration includes also the optional PalConnect system which provides teleassistance, geolocation and management via web of many functions.

<< We have always trust in Palazzani products >> says Mr. Adriano Festa << and we have carefully considered the purchase of this XTJ37 + since there was a gap in our rental fleet and now we have the opportunity to show its performances in our region >>

Festa srl ​​Group is the authorized Palazzani Dealer for Basilicata and Puglia regions  with large experience and interesting clientele.

<< We are very satisfied with our purchase >> – echoes his brother Dario, the company’s technical manager, << and we are sure that this choice will be highly appreciated by our rental customers and will allow us to reap important results also with sales which are expected to come in the near future >>.

We are sure that very soon we will hear about it, so watch out for those two!


CAN-bus: what is it and how it works

We are paying so much attention to technology for our Spider Lifts and we would like to explain in easy and understanding way what is CAN-bus and how it works.

Towards the end of the 1980s, the CAN-bus system was introduced by Robert Bosch GmbH for the purpose of connecting various ECUs (electronic control units). In 1987, Intel in collaboration with Bosch developed the first CAN-bus network chip called 82256 and, in 1995, the standard for the extended protocol called CAN 2.0 B was born.

By discovering its meaning, you will understand better what it is. First, this data system has many advantages that we will describe paragraph by paragraph

What does CAN bus mean? First the name; CAN stands for the so-called Controller Area Network technology. It is a real on-board network protocol, an intelligent electrical system that transmits data in a new and different way compared to the old control units.

Palazzani Spider Lifts mount new control units which are very like personal computers, with their own operating system, a program to run and are networked together. Sharing information is the target of CAN bus. The system allows also to diagnose faults and anomalies autonomously and intelligently and notify them to the operator via message or alert on the touch screen monitor present on all Palazzani platforms range from TSJ 23.1 to XTJ 52+. This advanced electronic system increases also importantly the machine safety through an on-board PC or control unit that constantly monitors all the crucial parameters of the machine.

The CAN-bus advantages are:
• Significantly reduction of the wiring on the machine;
• Information provided in real time;
• Immunity to electromagnetic wave disturbances;
• Possibility to add or remove nodes (control units) without having to reorganize the whole system;
• Top reliability;
• Possibility of integration with communicating embedded systems;
• Excellent transmission channel management;
• Possibility of collecting a huge amount of technical information on board


Spimerica Access Solutions – the Palazzani US Distributor tells us about his enthusiastic start!

Spimerica Access Solution, the US Palazzani Distributor based in Miami (FL), has been hard at work connecting with new customers, dealers, and also rental companies. We all faced difficult times when the COVID-19 pandemic affected the world and shut down several businesses. Spimerica persevered and continued to reach out to our valuable customers who were looking for a SAFER more PRODUCTIVE way of keeping their employees working.  <<As we introduced the initial lineup in the 1st Quarter of 2020 at the ARA show, the COVID crisis really began and stopped several businesses from operating in the 2nd Quarter>> says Ben Taft – Spimerica President<<Again, we continued to push through and service our customers as safely and efficiently as possible. During the pandemic crisis not only did our customers have to adjust to the new “normal” we faced, but also our manufacturer, Palazzani was greatly affected by the crisis and located outside of Milan Italy the factory along with key manufacturer personnel was stopped and the work from home was set in place>>.

Spimerica recently signed several new dealers and in discussion with several more.  “Our new dealers are all experiencing great success” says Ben Taft <<and as we demo units across the USA the choice becomes much easier when they see firsthand of the quality of manufacturing, ease of use along with simplified service diagnostic that the Palazzani brand offers>>.  The new dealer in Tampa Florida “Less Equipment of Tampa Bay” had an overwhelming experience as they offer a very unit product in their portfolio of landscape equipment and are gaining new customers quickly.  Also, the new dealer in Ohio “Krystowski Tractor Sales” has also experienced tremendous support from customers and have already ordered several units to support their needs.  <<Spimerica just finished a “demo tour” in the Upper Midwest of the USA to several dealers in Wisconsin and Minnesota and the customer’s feedback was amazing” continues Ben <<Quickly, customers are seeing and using the Palazzani lineup firsthand and really enjoy the joystick controls, touch screen technology, and the stability they feel while in the basket of each lift>>.

<<Spimerica will continue to set the standard in the Spider Lift segment by offering the highest quality of units and unrivaled service to our valuable customers” ends Ben. “We continue to think different and lift different!  Thank you to the Palazzani team for the great support and we look forward to our growing relationship! >>