Home International DSC Dredge Shark Class dredge opens the Outermost Harbor Marine Channel
DSC Dredge Shark Class dredge opens the Outermost Harbor Marine Channel

DSC Dredge Shark Class dredge opens the Outermost Harbor Marine Channel


DSC Dredge strikes again proving they are The RIGHT Choice no matter the job!

Outermost Harbor Marine (OHM), a privately owned marina by Harrison Kahn and his brother Devin Kahn, is located in Outermost Harbor on the ocean side of Chatham located on what is commonly referred to as the „elbow” of Cape Cod and offers a rare and exciting perspective on the natural beauty of Cape Cod. OHM is the home to over 200 boats in the summer and stores 600 in the winter.

The Challenge

Three (3) years ago a break in the northern extent of the South Island beach formed, causing continuous shoaling from the beaches north of the marina’s entry and, as a result, this shoaling filled the marina’s channel with sand causing a navigational hazard. While there is a county dredge program in place, the wait time is long, and the Kahn brothers knew that an improvement project to open the channel at the marina was top priority and they could not wait.

The Solution and Results

Two (2) years ago in an attempt to dredge the channel they purchased a Dino 6 hydraulic dredge with a cutterhead mechanism, but what they soon learned was the dredge could only progress in straight lines making 6ft cuts at a time. According to Harrison, „as much as we tried, it just wasn’t working”.

After much research, one year ago they came to learn about and rented a DSC Shark Class dredge. In as little as two (2) months with the use of DSC’s Shark their project was complete.

Did you know…. the DSC Shark Class dredge offers standard discharge sizes ranging from 10 inches (250 mm) to 24 inches (600 mm), which are customizable upon request. It has a conventional dredge-operating configuration with a modular design for easy transport. The Shark is unique in that it offers the features of a larger dredge in an exceptionally portable design. Available with diesel or electric power, the Shark includes a PLC operating system, electro-proportional hydraulic circuits, high-capacity service water system and an inline direct marine-style transmission for dredge pump reduction. The Shark is customizable to exact application and production requirements.

Astounded by the results, Harrison noted that DSC’s Shark was the RIGHT Choice, „it went above and beyond our expectations, the dredge not only gave us the capability to dredge larger areas with fewer swipes, but we were able to move more than 60,000 cu. yds. of material, in very little time. Compared to the Dino 6 we originally purchased the Shark was a thousand (1000) times better”.

When given the right tool, you can move mountains, or in this case „sand”. Moving forward OHM is now looking into purchasing their own dredge from DSC.

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