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The AED Foundation Announces Partnership with Illinois Central College and SkillsUSA

The AED Foundation Announces Partnership with Illinois Central College and SkillsUSA


The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) grassroots campaign, and The AED Foundation’s (AEDF) Vision 2025 movement prompted a collaboration between SkillsUSA, Illinois Central College (ICC), and AEDF.

This partnership helps alleviate North America’s widespread technician shortage via AEDF high
school recognition and college accreditation. AEDF high school recognition establishes the pipeline of
qualified technicians early and exemplifies industry excellence in academic instruction to prepare our
future workforce. AEDF high school recognition is a useful tool for future heavy diesel technicians to begin
their career paths. AEDF recognition works as a practical marketing approach that encourages parents,
students, high school counselors, post-secondary programs, and industry media to pursue qualified

“The AED Foundation is pleased to announce this essential partnership with Illinois Central College and
SkillsUSA,” stated AEDF’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jason Blake. “Illinois
Central College is one of our flagship schools, and SkillsUSA brings substantial credibility, integrity, and
experience to workforce development.”

Illinois Central College’s general diesel program earned a reputation of industry excellence as the USA’s
top performing school via the SkillsUSA competition. Their reputation speaks for itself, representing 95%
of all USA finalists. The AED Foundation, SkillsUSA, and ICC anticipate an influx of heavy equipment
technicians in Illinois because of this effort.
AEDF accredited colleges, AED members, and high school faculty collaborate to develop mutually
beneficial programs for high schools and AED member dealers. The high school diesel program must
exemplify one to two of the AEDF six standard requirements to qualify for recognition and an AEDF
accredited college must be able to sponsor the high school program. These standards are industry
To learn more about AEDF high school recognition, please contact The AED Foundation’s Manager of
Academic Services, Linley Thompson, at lthompson@aednet.org.


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Established in 1991 and directed by AED members, The AED Foundation (AEDF) addresses professional
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