Home International Events RENSON at Fensterbau. The best-fitting sun protection screens for every window.
RENSON at Fensterbau. The best-fitting sun protection screens for every window.

RENSON at Fensterbau. The best-fitting sun protection screens for every window.


Large windows are a trend that’s not going anywhere. However, with two consecutive red-hot summers that saw several heat records smashed in our collective memory, there is no better time to reflect on the most effective sun protection system to control both indoor temperatures and incoming sunlight as best as possible. With a solution for every type of window – skylights, corner windows, sliding windows and curtain walls – Renson offers a total range of products covering everything from new builds to retrofitted systems. An overview is provided below.

New options for retrofitting with minimal impact
Surface-mounted Fixscreen Minimal
From April 2020, the new surface-mounted Fixscreen Minimal will be available in all of Europe. With this patented update to its existing Fixscreen sun protection screens, Renson is putting the bar even higher in terms of design for subtle retrofitting. The product was developed in response to growing demand for retrofitted sun protection screens in recent newly built and renovated homes where the screen boxes and side channels cannot be concealed inside the wall. A minimal impact on the façade (with side channels that are just 20 mm wide) and a super-sleek finish (with no visible screws on the side channels and the base plates and inner channels of the side channels finished in aluminium) ensure that the sun protection screens are barely noticeable, even when retrofitted.

New custom solution for curtain walls
Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50 and Fixscreen 150 Curtain Wall 60
At Fensterbau, Renson will be presenting two new sun protection screen systems for curtain walls. The new project solutions can be concealed or surface-mounted and will be available in Europe through Renson’s presales channel.

With coupling side channels that are 50 mm wide (Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50) and 60 mm wide (Fixscreen 150 Curtain Wall 60) respectively, Renson will be covering the lion’s share of the curtain wall market (with window profiles of the same width). Fixscreen Minimal Curtain Wall 50 goes one step further with its minimalist finish, including side channels without any visible screws and base plates and inner channels finished in aluminium. The central mounting of the coupling side channels makes the sun protection screen system a breeze to install on curtain wall stiles. The thermal expansion of the box was also considered in both designs, so that an infinite number of screens can effortlessly be combined. These two systems are perfectly compatible for integration on curtain walls: wind-resistant up to 130 km/h, they offer a super-sleek finish with minimal impact on the look of the façade.

Perfect integration in new builds
Fixscreen invisibly integrated into façade
In homes designed around incoming sunlight, sun protection systems must be taken into account right from the start. If the architect does exactly that, Renson’s Fixscreen sun protection screens can be integrated into the façade almost invisibly. Both the screen boxes and side channels – in exactly the same colour as the aluminium external joinery – will be barely noticeable, and even when lowered, the screens will not detract from the sleek architecture.

Glass-on-glass corner windows
Panovista & Panovista Max
Thanks to Renson’s Panovista Max, large corner windows can now be equipped with sun protection screens without any annoying cables or channels in the corner. The two screen sections are controlled by the same motor, and the screen edges zip together in the corner when lowered. As such, Panovista Max is wind resistant up to 90 km/h. Even when fully lowered, the outside view is not compromised in the slightest, while indoor temperatures are kept bearable on sunny days.

(Corner) sliding windows
Slidefix follows the logical direction of the window
Renson Slidefix is the first sun protection screen that follows the logical sideward direction of sliding windows. That way, sliding windows can continue to be used as a passageway to the garden or patio, even with the screens lowered. Slidefix is available in both a single and double configuration and in an (internal or external) corner setup. Now that Slidefix is also available with fibreglass fabric, all types of Renson sun protection screens can be ordered in the same fabric  – great news for the uniform appearance of your project!

Skylights (including flat roofs) protected against the sun
Topfix (VMS) & Topfix Max
The Topfix sun protection screens for angled and horizontal windows are also fitter with Renson’s renowned Fixscreen technology. The system offers unrivalled screen tautness, even in extreme wind loads of up to 120 km/h. Flapping and torn fabric are a thing of the past! With Topfix Max, even extremely large surface areas (up to 30 m²) can be fitted with sun protection screens. A specific, integrated tensioning system ensures the fabric stays taut in all circumstances, even in open (freestanding) constructions. The Topfix range is completed by Topfix VMS, an approved and patented solution especially developed for Velux Modular Skylight modules. Topfix VMS can be fitted to both fixed and moveable modules, can handle a wind load of up to 120 km/h and comes equipped with Renson’s renowned Fixscreen and Smooth technology – just like the rest of the Fixscreen sun protection screen range.

Also at Fensterbau…

Endura Twist
Decentralised ventilation with heat recovery
Endura Twist is Renson’s decentralised ventilation system with heat recovery. The system can be installed both horizontally and vertically, either on or by the side of a window, perfectly customised to its width or height with a minimum length of 750 mm. Given the fact that this type of ventilation does not use any supply and extraction ducts, this system is highly suitable for renovation projects as well as new-build applications where limited integration options offer no room for air ducts. In addition, Endura Twist can be perfectly combined with Renson’s sun protection screens.

Strong and secure ventilation
Windows stopped being nothing more than just windows a long time ago. Aside from bringing in light, the job windows fulfil today includes letting in energising sun rays, protecting the interior from too much solar heat and keeping mosquitoes out. On top of that, they also offer a way to provide intensive ventilation and night-time cooling on the increasing number of hot days we’re seeing every year. Burglar-proof night-time cooling with 431RC2: Leaving ground-floor windows open at night might attract unwanted guests, however. Luckily, Renson offers the perfect solution for situations where security is a concern: the burglar-proof 431 vent with RC2 certification. During the day, this vent protects against the sun, rain and unwanted glimpses from passers-by, while at night – when opened to let cool air in – it keeps out mosquitoes and burglars. The 431RC2 vent has been awarded the highest possible security rating (5) in tests by the Belgian BBRI.

Linarte goes one step beyond in façade cladding
New installation and finishing options
With Linarte, Renson has a high-quality, durable and sleek aluminium vertical façade cladding system in house that’s easy to install and offers multiple functions to provide the most unique indoor or outdoor cladding. Through plastic clips, the Linarte finishing profiles can be individually fitted to the horizontal supporting profiles without using any screws. This enables them to expand easily due to temperature fluctuations and effortlessly compensates for differences in width. At Fensterbau, Renson will be revealing several innovations that offer even more installation and finishing options, such as direct fastening (without joists), a reveal finish, semi-open façade cladding and new garden elements.