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RENSON at Fensterbau. Opening Doors.

RENSON at Fensterbau. Opening Doors.


Invisible door fittings for all interior doors

If you’re looking for door frames, hinges, sliding door fittings and even skirting that can be invisibly integrated into the walls of your sleek interior, Argenta and ROB is just the place for you! As trendsetters in their areas, both brands guarantee a sleek interior with invisibly integrated hinged, pivot and sliding doors that do not compromise on your high-end minimalist look. This ‘invisible concept’ is the guiding principle in a product range that covers absolutely everything to do with ‘opening doors’.

Invisidoor 2.0: the benchmark in invisible interior doors

Invisidoor is the name of the argenta pack for invisibly and sleekly integrating interior doors into the wall without any visible fixtures. For hinged doors, this consists of an aluminium frame to be plastered and which can also be fitted with the compatible argenta invisible neo hinges and finger plate. You can take the lock and hinge side as well as the upper profile of that door frame out of a universal profile (available at lengths of 6 m, for use with door leaves of both 40 and 44 mm thick). This way, you can miter all the components to measure for interior doors of up to 4000 mm high and 1250 mm wide. The internal corner connector (included) tightens itself up completely so that you can connect the mittered pieces easily and beautifully.

Slide the self-locking compartments for hinges and the lock of your choosing into place in the U profile of the door frame. You fill up the rest by clicking the cover profiles, which you’ve cut to measure, into the same U profile. If you wish, you can seal and sand down the remaining visible seam.

It is always possible, even after installation, to exchange the hinge side of an Invisidoor system without having to take the entire door frame apart. You can even easily add an additional hinge after installation.

ROB Punch: glass sliding doors up to 150 kg invisibly integrated

Floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors are also interesting for contemporary interiors in offices, lofts, and living rooms. Naturally, when the running profile is invisibly integrated into the ceiling, it gives the entire thing an even sleeker look, while still being very easy to disassemble. However, a top profile for assembly against the wall or in a (glass) wall works just as well, including for glass sliding doors of up to 150 kg with glass thicknesses of 8, 10, and 12 mm. A ceiling cover profile completes the picture and, thanks to this door hardware, glass sliding doors are still vertically adjustable. All the components are manufactured using anodised aluminium with a stainless steel look, which combines perfectly with glass. The sliding door hardware is available with or without a soft-close system. If the soft-close system is in place, the glass doors will automatically slow down when opening and closing in order to prevent a jarring stop. The fact that you don’t need any kind of recess in the glass to assemble the soft-closed system further emphasises just how easy it is to assemble this sliding door hardware.