Home International HITEXBAU presents the first concrete reinforcement made of carbon and offered in large quantities
HITEXBAU presents the first concrete reinforcement made of carbon and offered in large quantities

HITEXBAU presents the first concrete reinforcement made of carbon and offered in large quantities


Carbon reinforcement for concrete: an economically and environmentally friendly solution, as well as future-oriented technology

For sustainable building, climate protection through reduced CO2 emissions, material efficiency, and a conservation of natural resources are of increasing importance to the erection of new buildings and the modernisation of old ones. The carbon concrete presents a significant, forward-looking contribution to these goals. This composite material is environmentally friendly, recyclable, as well as economical and durable. It sets new standards in the construction industry – for both structural strengthening and repair work. HITEXBAU GmbH has managed to manufacture high-performance carbon scrims for concrete reinforcement via a fully automated production process. This enables the manufacturer to offer this material to the construction industry at affordable prices and in large quantities. This is an important matter for today’s restoration of reinforced concrete structures and production of pre-cast concrete components.

With its pioneering manufacturing technology, HITEXBAU sets a new standard with carbon concrete reinforcement structures. The company has managed to manufacture carbon reinforcement surfaces, as well as to carry out impregnation and assembly of finished goods in a single treatment step. In doing so, HITEXBAU has developed the first highly automated concrete reinforcement production line in the world. With this production line, both large dimensions and large volumes of products can be manufactured, ensuring 100% reproducible quality. The completely new, innovative and almost fully automated process also has particular quality advantages. Especially with regard to the reproducibility and repeatability, this technology is unbeatable. At the same time, the construction industry will be certain to gain from the technological strengths of the high-performance carbon scrims from HITEXBAU.

Thanks to the variable orientation of the carbon structure pattern (from soft to hard), the material can be used in a wide variety of applications – fabric rolls for reinforcement in repair and renovation work, panels for pre-cast concrete manufacturing, or even added to concrete on-site. Even thin and delicate mesh or lattice-like structures or scrims, like well-known reinforcing steel mesh, are available. The new structures of the carbon scrims enable the reinforcement of concrete with large diameter grain of up to 16 mm. By choosing various concrete recipes and using textile reinforcement mats with special coatings, a compressive strength of 3,300 Newtons per square meter can be achieved in the concrete. An up-to-date sample catalogue from HITEXBAU contains new standard products and can be obtained at www.hitexbau.com. Moreover, from a single source, HITEXBAU offers a wide range of services – from product development to manufacturing and laboratory tests – for the implementation of individual projects.

Compared to conventional reinforced concrete, carbon concrete offers significant advantages. In particular, due to its high strength and low weight, it becomes much easier to handle and more cost-effective. Moreover, it requires much less material and energy usage, has a good CO2 balance and is 100% recyclable. All these features make carbon a future-oriented material for concrete reinforcement. Carbon reinforcement for concrete is ideal for a wide range of applications: Both for pre-cast concrete products and for architectural concrete used in repair and reinforcement, e.g. remediation of soil, car parks or bridges.



The medium-sized, family-owned ALBANI GROUP GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Augsburg (Germany) is a worldwide leader in the modern home textiles market. Looking back on 70 years of its history, the company has developed a high degree of professionalism in the field of home and technical textiles. With its subsidiary HITEXBAU GmbH, the company has managed to utilise its know-how in the field of technical textiles and outstanding professionalism in knitting technologies for applications in the textile concrete industry. Using state-of-the-art knitting machines and with their own coating systems, HITEXBAU manufactures reinforcement mesh made of carbon fibre, basalt and AR glass. In cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden, the Institute of Textile Technology at the RWTH Aachen, and many other institutions, the company created innovative and forward-looking solutions for textile reinforcement in the construction industry – in particular, for reinforcement using carbon. To promote the market expansion both in rehabilitation and pre-cast concrete production, HITEXBAU has taken Roy Thyroff Consulting on board – an expert with many years of expertise in the textile reinforcement of concrete. By doing so, it has significantly expanded its strength in product development and technical sales. HITEXBAU is also a member of the TUDALIT e.V. Association. Thus, it has access to the latest findings in the field of textile reinforced concrete.


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