The immense uncontaminated spaces, the historic architecture and the gastronomic choice that can be tasted in Tuscany have made this territory one of the most popular destinations for tourists coming from all over the world. The historicity of this region comes, among the others, from the Florentine Romanesque style whose peculiarities are evident from the survival and recovery of elements of Roman classicism. For this reason, the typical features of this area are the narrow alleys that surround the cities, small streets and passages that lead to large squares, such as the famous “Piazza dei Miracoli”. Operating in a similar context is by no means simple, but nothing is impossible, in fact Palazzani Spider Lift XTJ 43+ is of great help for this territory. Its high designing technology as well as its countless operational functions make this Spider Lift unique in the tracked access panorama and perfect for moving around in total safety.

The main data are: operating height of 43 meters, an outreach of 18 meters and a capacity of 330 kg, or three operators. All this is controlled by a Can Bus system, a sophisticated system with variable displacement pump that allows up to 4 simultaneous movements by keeping the engine at minimum speed with important costs and noise savings. The machine is mainly used for aerial work, but it is also used to lift materials, thanks to the 500kg optional hydraulic winch which can quickly replace the cage of the machine helps to lift materials. The fast telescopic jib, combined with the winch, makes work easy, fast and safe.

„We are happy with the arrival of this powerful tracked platform” declares Mr. Luigi Grandi of the Grandi Sollevamenti Company, “we’ve chosen it since we esteem the Palazzani product, synonymous with quality, efficiency and superior technology. We immediately found all of this when the machine arrived.  Our Technical Staff was immediately enthusiastic by seeing it and this will surely be the beginning of a beautiful working love story between man and platform „.

If you too care about preserving your territory richness and you need a solution to operate in narrow and historical environments, do not hesitate to contact us, our Staff will be happy to provide you the best solution for your needs.



About 5 years ago, the demand for the operation of buildings increased distinctly, and therefore, VERTEX decided to separate the sales of spider lifts in a separate direction.

“The sale of Spider Lifts in Russia is a rather long-term process and requires a more sophisticated approach in terms of engineering and economic justification. Consequently, the sale of a spider lift often starts at the beginning of construction and ends after the construction of the facility where the equipment will be operated is completed” says Vertex Sales Staff.

VERTEX company offers a comprehensive solution and support to its customers at all stages of construction of the project, where the equipment will subsequently be operated. Since the foundation in 2012, they have been working with satisfaction Palazzani Industrie S.P.A. for the deliveries of spider lifts.

Last year, 13 units of spider lifts were imported to our country, 9 of which are Palazzani spiders of various models with working heights from 19 up to 39 m.

Among he most particular experiences, for example, there is the supply of a customized machine designed  in cooperation with the designers of nuclear power plants, Palazzani engineers and Vertex team, on the basis of the TSJ 39 model; a special lift was developed to work inside the reactor halls of the Leningrad and Belarusian nuclear power plants.

We asked several questions to the Leading Manager of this sales direction, Evgeny Babich:

Evgeny, what is the differences between spider lifts and regular articulated and telescopic lifts?

“Palazzani spider lifts can be used almost anywhere, even in situations where regular lifts cannot be used. They work independently, powered by either a diesel engine or an electric motor, from batteries or from a single-phase outlet. The equipment does not emit exhaust gases and does not make much noise in closed and crowded rooms, it is easily stabilized in confined spaces.

Spider lifts are able to move easily off-road and on slopes, such as stairs and ramps, etc. Due to its small overall dimensions, the equipment passes through ordinary doorways and due to its low weight can work on any delicate surface and floors with low load capacity. They are safe and easy to use”.

What development prospects do you see in the direction of selling spider lifts in the next few years?

“Over the past few years, in our country there has been an active construction of social and cultural facilities (concert halls, sports facilities, shopping malls, etc.), the culture of operation (facility direction) is increasing, more and more often building owners are thinking about subsequent maintenance. So there is a great potential in the development of the sales direction of spider lifts and we want to be in the trend of the lifting equipment market segment”.

Which Palazzani models are the most popular at your customers?

“The most popular heights in Russia are 19-22m and 27-32m. This range includes models of Palazzani TXZ 190, TSX 225, TSJ 27, TSJ 30.1, XTJ 32 lifts”.

What specific measures are you going to implement to develop the market for spider lifts in Russia?

“We have conducted market research, and in the near future we are planning to open a rent direction for spider lifts, as well as expanding the staff in this direction in order to maximize the great opportunities of the Russian market, increase the amount of work in this direction in terms of search for potential customers to create demand for this special lifting equipment”.




Asia is one of the largest continents on our planet and has a very rich morphological and urban variety. Renowned for having very large uncontaminated spaces, between the luxuriant nature and an immense variety of animals, it is not uncommon to come across large megalopolises that interrupt the uncontaminated green of nature. Thailand is a place where richly decorated temples and busy streets are integrated. The Chao Phraya River, crisscrossed by numerous boats, feeds a network of canals and runs through the royal district of Rattanakosin, where there’s the sumptuous Grand Royal Palace and its sacred temple of Wat Phra Kaew. Not far away is the temple of Wat Pho, with a huge statue of the reclining Buddha, while on the other bank of the river is the temple of Wat Arun, places of interest and worship, where thousands of cars and people circulate every day. In these cities, communication systems are essential and must always be functional, and for this reason maintenance is essential and must be fast and effective to ensure traffic and avoid inconvenience as much as possible.

Undoubtedly, the most crowded places are shopping centers and airports, which host thousands of people every day. Phuket International Airport is the second busiest airport in Thailand, after the Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. Bangkok is considered one of the shopping capitals of the world, where tourists can choose the local products in the stalls of hundreds of markets that animate the streets and squares of Bangkok every day, or can go to the sparkling shop windows of the boutiques of the many mega shopping centers.

And it is precisely in this context that Palazzani Spider Lifts enter in action, a small, agile, fast and safe solution able to operate indoors. The relationship between Palazzani and Thailand begun in 2014 and continues to grow thanks to the precious contribute that Palazzani machines are able to carry out every day in this Country or generally in the Asian market. The company that believed for first in Palazzani is Faster Enterprice Co. Ltd., based in Bangkok and managed by Mr. Worapat who immediately relied on the high quality and peculiarities that Palazzani Spider Lifts can offer: compactness , lightness and versatility. Faster Enterprice Co. Ltd. It was founded in 1995 and was one of the pioneers on the local market for the rental business of Spider Lifts. Its business includes also Spider Lifts and other aerial platforms sales.

Thanks to this Company, Palazzani Spider Lifts help to solve numerous jobs that many other equipment could not complete every day, mainly in shopping malls and airports. Phuket airport has decided to purchase two Palazzani Spider Lifts aerial platforms which, thanks to their compactness, lightness and aerial performance, are able to access anywhere and fulfill all maintenance interventions: one TZX 225, of 22,5 meters of max w/h, 10.25 meters outreach, 200 kg cage capacity, on wheels and with ECO motorization (electric motor + lead acid batteries), specially designed for working indoor and to move easily without leaving any marks on delicate floors, thanks to the standard equipment of non-marking wheels; and one TSJ 25, of 25 meters of max w/h, 13.20 meters outreach and 250kg cage capacity, again on wheel version but with Bi-energy power option (diesel engine + electric motor), to perform outdoor and indoor.

“We have sold the Palazzani Spiders to several shopping malls and to Phuket airport; we also have a regular rental contract for maintenance at Suvarnnabhumi airport in Bangkok” says Mr. Worapat proud of his important achievements “all these buildings present very limited access conditions and the only means able to overcome them was with the Palazzani Spider Lifts”.

If you have come this far it is clear that you could be facing a similar need but, keep in mind that the Palazzani Spider Lifts solve a wide range of needs, both outdoor and indoor, so whatever your need, do not hesitate to contact us: our team will be able to provide you the best solution for your job.