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Vögele│Noise Remediation Using the Latest-Generation Paver

Vögele│Noise Remediation Using the Latest-Generation Paver


SUPER 1900-5i paves a noise-reduced surface course

Road kept open to traffic and strict noise control regulations: a Vögele paver of the “Dash 5” generation resurfaced a section of the A6 near Bern in several part-sections, paving a noise-absorbing surface course over a total length of 6 km and a width of 20 m.

On the A6 near Bern, traffic jams are the order of the day. To improve traffic flow and to mitigate noise and environmental pollution in this densely populated area, the road is being upgraded to a so-called smart motorway. This permits vehicles to use the hard shoulder as a running lane as well at peak times, the aim being to create additional capacity and to reduce noise levels at the same time. The appointed partnership made up of construction companies Frutiger AG and Marti AG implemented numerous measures to achieve this aim, among them extending noise barriers, renovating bridges and resurfacing hard shoulders. Part of the project was also to pave a noise-reducing asphalt surface course on every lane of this section, which extends to approximately 6 km.

Paving under strict conditions

Low-noise operations with noise-reduced machinery and a short time window were demanded in order to minimise nuisance to local residents and motorway users during the construction period; traffic flow also had to be maintained in both directions.

SUPER 1900-5i: quiet and efficient

The contractor decided to use one of the latest-generation Vögele pavers, the SUPER 1900-5i in combination with the AB 500 TV Extending Screed. Despite its powerful 6-cylinder engine which, even in ECO mode, still delivers 163 kW at 1,700 rpm, the paver facilitates quiet operation with low fuel consumption. To achieve this, Vögele has, among other things, optimised the EcoPlus low-emissions package to ensure that the “Dash 5” machine works even more quietly than its predecessor. The latest-generation screed also makes less noise. What is more, the further-developed ErgoPlus 5 operating concept has provided fresh assistance and automatic functions, new convenience features and optimised material management to deliver rapid, high-quality paving on the A6.

Precisely coordinated supply of material improves quality

The Highway Class paver paved the 3 cm-thick surface course in several part-sections, each 3.2 m wide. “The stringent quality requirements meant it was important for us to pave efficiently with minimal interruptions,” says Matthias Baumann, Road Construction Manager at Frutiger AG. “In that respect, the ability to adapt pave speed conveniently, the large material hopper with a capacity of 14 t and the material management of the SUPER 1900-5i were all convincing features.” Vögele has overhauled the material handling control system compared to that of the “Dash 3” generation: the auger and conveyors now communicate with one another, ensuring that material feed is even more consistent and accurately coordinated. This avoids load peaks, saves fuel and enables an optimum head of material in front of the screed allowing uninterrupted paving.

Hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment saves time

The new AB 500 TV Extending Screed also delivered high quality and economy: higher-output heating rods mean the paver is now ready for operation even more quickly. Hydraulic tamper stroke adjustment is another particularly time-saving, practical feature: “Instead of adjusting each cam individually by hand, the operator uses the Dual Power Shift Tamper function to set the appropriate tamper stroke of 2 mm simply at the touch of a button, therefore achieving optimum compaction,” says paver operator Steffen Horn.

Smart operation speeds up paving

The paving team believes the ErgoPlus 5 operating concept is a further benefit: compared to the “Dash 3” variant, the paver operator’s console has an improved overview, greater convenience and ergonomics – and an optional touch display. Vögele has simplified the operation of individual functions, improved the design, reduced height to increase legroom and integrated drinks holders and additional storage options – for a smartphone, for example. “As we were paving in several part-sections, the “Save” function in AutoSet Plus was very useful,” says Horn. It allows paving programs to be saved and then called back up for the next part-section at the touch of a button. Process automation not only prevents faults, it also speeds up paving.

Integrated lighting without the effort of assembly

As the paving team also used the paver under bridges, in tunnels and at night, operators furthermore made use of the new Light Package Plus: the LED beamers are integrated in the hardtop of the SUPER 1900-5i and illuminate full pave width in the area of both paver and screed. This means not having to transport or fit additional lamps or light balloons. “Lighting at the touch of a button makes work on precisely this sort of job site much safer and more efficient,” says Baumann. “We were able to use the lighting without any extra effort and in specific situations, for example in the case of poor visibility under bridges or in tunnels.”

Quiet, quick and safe

The technical developments and features of the Vögele paver made a key contribution to the success of its deployment on the A6: taken together, the quiet, powerful drive, optimised material management, assistance/automatic functions and new lighting concept significantly increased noise mitigation, economy and safety on the job site.