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The Ray. Help us Drive the Future!

The Ray. Help us Drive the Future!


Giving Tuesday is the one day of the year we make time to recognize the organizations that are making a difference in our communities and support the work they do to impact our world. This year, GAgives Day will be held on the same day as Giving Tuesday: December 1. This is the perfect opportunity to give back and be a part of The Ray’s mission to create a zero waste, zero carbon, zero death highway system.

Our organization has been a proving ground for a safer, sustainable, more resilient and reliable transportation sector. We need support from generous people like YOU to continue The Ray’s vision and reach our $20,000 goal! No matter how big or small, your contribution matters to us – and it makes a difference.

Don’t worry about waiting for December to give your gift! Check this one off your list, and donate TODAY.

The Nation’s FIRST Solar-Mapping Tool

The Ray and the Webber Energy Group at the University of Texas, Austin have partnered to create the nation’s first-ever solar mapping tool – to help State DOTs develop plans for solar farms at open exits on the U.S. interstate system.

Most states have more than 200 miles [127,527 acres] of empty, cleared land at interstate exits, called right-of-way [ROW], that is suitable for solar development. If you combine those areas, they could provide approximately $4 billion in economic value and generate up to 36 terawatt-hours per year (TWh/year) of clean energy. That’s enough energy to power more than 12 million passenger EVs a year!!

With these ROW solar projects, State DOTs win on day one because the utility or solar developer takes over the responsibility for maintaining the roadside land. The DOTs can negotiate even more value, based on their state’s priorities, including land fees, lower energy rates, native pollinator habitat and renewable energy credits.

Georgia was the third state to utilize the empty interstate ROW for renewable energy, and, in turn, The Ray is assisting five other states to develop similar projects: Texas, Florida, Maine, Ohio and Tennessee.

By 2030, 18.7 million EVs are expected to be on the roads in the U.S., and The Ray is „driving the future” to create sustainable systems that support our roads! To learn more, head first to the full press release here, and then find the national solar mapping tool here.

Heads up, Tesla Drivers!

On December 12, Georgia PSC Commissioner Tim Echols will join Miles Through Time Automotive Museum, Tesla Owners of Atlanta and The Ray to attempt to break the World Record for Longest Tesla Parade – and take the title from China. The caravan goal is now over 300 Teslas!

Sponsorship and donation opportunities are available. All proceeds from the event will go to Operation Underground Railroad, an organization dedicated to rescuing children from sex and human trafficking. Let’s make lemonade out of 2020’s lemons! Click here to register your Tesla and remember to bring your entire family – and your masks!

National Clean Energy Week

In September, The Ray partnered with Conservatives for Clean Energy, Georgia USA, Theresa Robertson, Commissioner Bubba McDonald, Commissioner Tim Echols and Sen. Randy Robertson to celebrate National Clean Energy Week! We worked together to tell the story of how Georgia is implementing renewable energy and the importance of clean energy to our state.

The Ray’s Executive Director Allie Kelly sat down with Theresa Robertson, the Executive Director of Conservatives for Clean Energy Georgia, to discuss how The Ray has leveraged philanthropy to facilitate new transportation technology for the Georgia DOT. Watch her full interview here.

„Thanks to our public service commission, legislature and creative innovators, like The Ray Solar Highway in West Georgia, we have become a leader across the Southeast in Clean Energy.” Georgia First Lady Marty Kemp calls out The Ray as a leader in renewable energy innovation. Check out her full video here.

We want to hear from YOU!

Over the last five years, The Ray has continued a legacy of sustainability by deploying 12 new transportation technologies, including new road and digital infrastructure for connected and autonomous vehicles, recycling rubber from scrap tires to asphalt, and the first solar road in the U.S. We have become the proving ground for groundbreaking technologies that will not only increase the safety and sustainability of our interstates and highways, but will improve transportation around the world.

To continue this flow of ideas, The Ray created an innovative forum called „Suggest-a-Tech,” where the engineers, ideators, researchers and technologists like YOU can share your unique concepts on our website. If you have an idea that you think will broaden The Ray’s impact, go to our Suggest-a-Tech page today and fill out the form! If you’re interested in volunteering with The Ray, we are eternally grateful and need you to email our team at contactus@theray.org. See how YOU can make a difference in the future of sustainability!

New Hire – Meet Meredith Stinson

We are thrilled to welcome Meredith Stinson to The Ray as our new Director of Communications. Before joining The Ray, Meredith served as a political and communications consultant for over 15 local, state and congressional campaigns. She also worked alongside congressional staff in Washington, D.C., and in the communications office of former Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. Welcome to the team, Meredith!

You put the #Trust in Georgia’s Trust Funds!

Contitutional Amendment #1 passed – overwhelmingly – on the ballot in Georgia! This is the first step to dedicating every dollar of revenue from the $1 per tire fee to the Solid Waste Trust Fund, so that the fees can actually fund what they are intended fund: the clean up of dangerous tire dumps and leaking landfills.

Stay tuned during the 2021 Georgia General Assembly for the second, crucial step. Good job Georgians!