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The AED Foundation Calls on the Equipment Industry to Help Achieve Annual Campaign Contribution Goals

The AED Foundation Calls on the Equipment Industry to Help Achieve Annual Campaign Contribution Goals


The Foundation’s Vision 2024 goals to combat the workforce shortage rely heavily on donations to the annual campaign

As we approach the end of the year, The AED Foundation (AEDF) continues its push for contributions to the 2020 Annual Campaign. Currently, the Foundation has received $340,000 in donations to the campaign, just $50,000 shy of the year’s goal. The annual campaign is the primary source of funding for The AED Foundation. With the donations AEDF receives, the Foundation can continue to provide its many resources to the industry.

The Foundation’s growing opportunities for students in the diesel technology field are only possible through donors’ contributions. As part of AEDF’s Vision 2024 goals, the Foundation plans to expand its recognized high school programs and accredited college programs across North America to open up possibilities for more students interested in a career in the industry.

The Foundation’s average cost to accredit one college is $90,000; contributions are vital to reaching these objectives and tackling the workforce shortage. The AED Foundation’s COO and Executive Vice President Jason Blake states, „The AED Foundation is expanding its offerings to students and distinguished industry professionals alike to help the industry progress in the coming years and set a standard for quality technical education.

Contributions from our generous donors make these goals possible and have a direct impact on the equipment industry”. Donations not only assist in achieving school accreditation and certification goals, but they bolster AEDF’s resources for professional education as well.

Further, The Foundation’s Certified Manager Programs, webinars, and seminars all rely on contributions. The AED Foundation thanks its board of directors and every investor who has generously supported the annual campaign.

To contribute, please visit bit.ly/2020aedfcampaign or contact the Foundation’s associate director of development and workforce, Martin McCormack, at mmccormack@aednet.org.


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Established in 1919, Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is an international trade association based in Schaumburg, IL, representing over 700 construction equipment distributors, manufacturers and industryservice firms nationwide. AED members sell, service and rent equipment to such markets as heavy and light construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, aggregates, engines and industrial. Established in 1991 and directed by AED members, The AED Foundation (AEDF) addresses professional education and workforce development in the industry. This includes AEDF Accreditation of dieselequipment technology college programs and AEDF Recognition of secondary diesel programs. The association of leaders in equipment distribution.