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Renson Fixscreen celebrates its 15th anniversary

Renson Fixscreen celebrates its 15th anniversary


The Renson Fixscreen sunprotection screen is turning 15! And there’s no better time to celebrate than on 15 January 2020 at the Polyclose-exhibition in Ghent, together with all the partners and ‘Ambassadors’ who contributed to the success. It’s a look back to 2005, when Renson came to the market as a pioneer in windproof sunprotection screens with Fixscreen, but most of all, with an eye to the future. Because Fixscreen still has many years to come, building on the unique properties of the past, but up to date with the requirements of today and the future. Renson is now also launching the Fixscreen Minimal as the next step in the – already – rich Fixscreen history, good for at least another 15 years of market leadership!

2005: the very beginning
Going back to 2005, when Renson launched the Fixscreen on the market. At the time, it primarily distinguished itself as external solar shading in terms of wind resistance. As the first sun screen of its kind in which the screen is zipped closed using two side channels as it is lowered, the wind resistance (in every position) of this type of external solar shading rose rapidly in one fell swoop. Flapping and torn screen fabrics became a thing of the past; long live tight tension! An added advantage was the fact that, with the screen down, insects no longer had any chance of getting inside windows that were left open at night to provide ventilation. It was logical then that this was the most efficient way to prevent overheating indoors. But the higher wind resistance of the screens meant they had a much longer lifespan.

Since then, windows are only getting larger, and the importance of dynamic sun protection like this is only increasing: in winter and in between seasons, you can make optimum use of the free heat from the sun. And keeping the screens down during summer helps you prevent your home from heating up too much. Moreover, the view outside – even with the screens down – is always retained, which was seen as a significant asset.

Sun screens for every type of window
As innovative as Renson was back then, Fixscreen technology quickly became the basis of numerous new developments for equipping more than just standard windows (up to extremely large dimensions of no less than 22 m²) with sunprotection screens: from verandas and roof windows (Topfix and Topfix Max), with or without combined ventilation (Fixvent), to corner (sliding) windows (Panovista and Panovista Max) and sliding windows (Slidefix). Each one distinguishes itself in true Fixscreen tradition for durability, wind resistance (up to 130 km/h for Fixscreen, 90 km/h for Panovista Max), Fixscreen zip technology (with a 7-year warranty), and Smooth technology for silent movement and adhesion of the screens in the side channels, and the ‘Connect & Go’ system for smooth (dis)assembly of the sun screen in the box.