The title is just an Italian joke, coming from Totò, an Italian iconic comic actor of the 40’,  which well suits to our case history, as the client’s name is Turco (which in Italian means Turkish) Carg and his working area is Naples and its Italian region.

The owner, Mr. Turco, has always worked in the transport sector and since he was young, he has shown strong organizational and entrepreneurial skills that led him to find a consolidated reality for most of Southern Italy.

Such a flexible, versatile and innovative entrepreneur could not miss his most coveted „prey”: a powerful and efficient Palazzani crawler spider XTJ43 +.

The XTJ43 + is one of the machines belonging to the Plus series, equipped with a CanBus system, performing with extremely sharp, smooth and fast of the movements, with a telescopic arm and a telescopic jib that reaches an operating outreach of 8.5 m and a basket capacity of 330 kg (3 operators plus some material).

This platform is equipped with a powerful hydraulic winch lifting material up to 500 kg, equipped with a fast-dedicated system that provides safety to the operator during its assembly/disassembly phases. The PALConnect system offers the machine geolocation, a remote assistance, the check-up of all the main functions of the machine, the service alarms and easy troubleshooting.

Exposed in the Palazzani stand during the GIS exhibition in Piacenza in October 2019, this XTJ 43+ has received a lot of interest by technical operators working in the construction, telephone, and garden maintenance sectors.

<< I’m excited >> was the first comment of Mr. Turco on his arrival at the exhibition while watching his new purchase probably already thinking about the most different jobs that this machine can face.

<< The Palazzani XTJ43 + crawler spider is really the machine that was missing in our fleet >> comments Mr. Turco <<it is versatile, fast and very suitable for the difficult jobs that the colorful city of Naples has; is also ideal for jobs in the province where the capacity of our operators enhances the already amazing qualities of this platform. The characteristic of our territory is precisely the rental with operator where the machine and the operator become a single thing for specific jobs that only Palazzani products can work out. >>

The Palazzani XTJ43 + platform is therefore ready for new working challenges without any fear, indeed, nor enhance the great intrinsic qualities that position it as a best-seller for the largest Italian and foreign rental companies


A Palazzani XTJ 37+ crawler platform was purchased by company Michelangelo Srl of Prato, which withdrew it at the end of the GIS 2019 where it was exposed, arousing strong interest from the large audience of sector operators who visited the Palazzani stand.

The XTJ37 + crawler platform, equipped with telescopic boom and Jib, has unique characteristics in the sector, being one of the most compact and performant machines currently in production.

Furthermore, the Palazzani Plus series is synonymous with excellence in everything: plant engineering, hydraulics and electronics so advanced as to allow operators to feel at ease in every operation. Finally, the Can-Bus system allows easy maneuvering and every drop of hydraulic oil is conveyed only where the command is needed with important savings in time, fuel and money.

The owner of Company Michelangelo Srl, Mr. Longo, a loyal customer of Palazzani Industrie, has focused precisely on these advantages by choosing a Palazzani machine, strongly convinced that the many works requested to be performed in Tuscany art cities can be brilliantly carried out with this flexible platform.

Such a versatile, innovative and pioneer entrepreneur in the local market could not miss this powerful and efficient Palazzani crawler spider model XTJ37 + , which has been set up with a capacity of 330 kg on the basket, or 3 operators plus material, hydraulic winch with a capacity of 500 kg and PALConnect system that offers geolocation of the vehicle, remote assistance and check of all the main functions of the machine.

The first works that this platform will carry out are the maintenance of telephone lines and restoration of churches and historic buildings, which certainly are not lacking in the region where the machine is located.

The Palazzani XTJ37 + crawler spider is just the right machine that was missing in the Michelangelo Srl fleet and will certainly be immediately appreciated by the company’s professional staff.


3 Palazzani Spiders are becoming part of this huge Egyptian project called Massa Project: a Spider XTJ 43+, in wheel version with bi-energy motorization (diesel engine + electric motor) and two Ragno TZX 250, in tracked version and with ECO motorization (AC+DC).

This huge construction, which the Egyptians foresee will become a new and thriving destination for tourism and local business, will consist of a total of 6 towers: nr. 2 towers will be destined to a marvelous luxury hotel with 432 rooms, while the remaining 4 towers will be entirely residential and will offer 576 housing units divided into studios, 2 rooms apartment, 23 exclusive suites and 50 chalets arranged on two floors; within the residential towers an area of 28,960 square meters has been reserved for the shopping center, offices, and service rooms.

Palazzani Spiders will operate both inside and outside all buildings to perform cleaning and maintenance of the facades; without a doubt the Ragno platform is the ideal machine for this type of job, with this platforms there are no problems of access or overcoming of steep slopes (ramps of garages, stairways, escalators). Movements and placements also take place on delicate floors and soft terrains. The baskets are large and stable in order to guarantee optimal working conditions.