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Palazzani Newsletter October 2018

Palazzani Newsletter October 2018


1. One RAGNO XTJ 32 Hybrid Lithium by Palazzani Industrie for Television Centre and White City in London

Television Centre is a building complex in White City, West London, and one of the largest television centers in the world Between 1960 to 2013 it was the headquarters of BBC Television: a cultural icon and landmark piece of modern architecture. Recently the White City was extended to a huge new residential and living district, including luxury apartments, offices, BBC television studios, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, gymnasium, shopping centre and educational environments

Television Centre features a central circular block around which are studios, offices, engineering areas and the News Centre. In the centre of the main block there’s a statue of Helios, the Greek god of the sun, to symbolise the radiation of television around the world. A new Spider Lift from Palazzani Industrie has been recently supplied through its UK Dealer TCA Lfting Limited. It is a totally black XTJ 32 crawler version and Hybrid lithium‐powered option. Equipped with a diesel engine and lithium batteries 24V 200A/h 5h, with battery charger 230V‐24V 80 for all outdoor and indoor maintenance of the entire White City. Lithium won over the lead‐acid battery in the customer decision for the many advantages it grants: reduced encumbrance and weight with higher capacity, irrelevant self‐discharging in case of non‐use (less than 1% monthly), no suffer from lead‐acid battery “memory effect”. Lithium battery doesn’t drastically loose in recharging capacity when the partial charge is repeated without the total recharging, no danger of liquid leakage, lower maintenance, faster recharging time, longer endurance
This model reaches 32 m in height and an important outreach of 14.5 m thanks to the telescopic boom and flying telescopic jib; in addition to the standard equipment, the machine has been fitted with ultra sensor anti‐collision system on the cage, non‐marking tracks, air/water supplementary line along the boom with internal hose, 330 kg of capacity in the basket. The Spider XTJ 32 will take care of all maintenance work outside and inside the buildings of the entire White City. We sincerely thank our partner TCA Lifting Limited for this prestigious sale.

2. Two Wheel Loaders Paload PL 1105 working inside the new aluminum plant Mediesu Aurit, in Romania

The Swiss Company Alu Menziken has invested 44 million euros in the construction of a new production site of aluminum components for the aeronautics and automotive sectors, located in the village of Mediesu Aurit, in the Satu Mare region of Romania. The entire plant will be completed within the end of 2018 and will employ 600 people. In the first part of the project the first two production plants will be built. Among the company’s main customers there will be Recaro, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Daimler. Within this new large industrial complex, two Palazzani Wheel Loaders model PL 1105 are starting to operate in these days. The two machines are supplied with specific configuration: engine 4F, the hydraulic quick bucket connection, a special grab for aluminum scrap loading, 4.5 m3 bucket of capacity for material handling, weighting system to handle materials with sharp information and safety, FEM 3 forks. The supply of these two Palazzani Loaders was possible thanks to our Dealer Endress Group Romania Srl, who has worked professionally to provide the customer a customized solutions. All’interno di questo nuovo, grande complesso industriale iniziano ad operare in questi giorni due Pale

3. The new institutional video of Palazzani Industrie is online The new institutional video of Palazzani Industrie is online!

The video shows the main steps of the Company manufacturing process in the Headquarter offices and premises: from commercial to design, assembling and testing, of the two Divisions of Products – Palift and Paload. Aiming to communicate some of the most important Philosophy and Mission concepts of Palazzani Industrie, such as customer care and product customization, research & development, internal design, components quality choice, global market and made in Italy. Some pics of the backstage, unvealing the secrets of the video Directors Available in our website, facebook and youtube channel.