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Kleemann │ First Practical Application of the New Impact Crusher MOBIREX MR 130i PRO

Kleemann │ First Practical Application of the New Impact Crusher MOBIREX MR 130i PRO


The new Kleemann impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130i PRO is in operation in a limestone quarry near Wuppertal. The latest family member of the PRO line offers effective screening and a high output.

Combination plant proves its value in the limestone quarry

The Kleemann impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130i PRO is used in the Oetelshofen quarry near Wuppertal to crush limestone for industrial blast furnaces. A combination plant in which the screening unit is connected directly to the crushing plant – this is what the operating company wanted. Whereas an impact crusher was previously operated with a separate screening plant, the MOBIREX MR 130i PRO now works with an integrated post screening unit and oversize grain returning. Among other things, this reduces the fuel consumption. Instead of supplying a crushing and screening plant, now only one machine, which also has low consumption values, has to be refueled. The new machine achieves a final product of 0/45 with a feed size of 0/600. The double-deck post screening unit discharges a final grain size, whereby both screen decks are fully utilised. A size 50 square mesh is installed in the lower deck for this purpose; a larger mesh is installed in the upper deck as a relief deck. The oversize grain of the upper deck as well as the lower deck is directed in an uncomplicated process via a reversible transfer conveyor onto the oversize grain conveyor and is then returned to the crushing process.

A new development perfectly suited to the task

The initial challenge was to find a solution that meets all the requirements: „The customer had considered different suppliers and options”, explains Christoph Obalski, Sales Wirtgen Germany. „Luckily, with the new MR 130i PRO from Kleemann, we have a completely new machine that is exactly suited to the project,” says the Kleemann special consultant. The MOBIREX MR 130i PRO has a high output and effective screening.

„The large running gear with heavy-duty framing, ease of physical and visual access via steps and platforms to all components and the solid double-deck post screening unit – this made a perfect first impression,” explains Dirk Frorath, managing director of AMIRO GmbH in the quarry.” The crushing unit of the plant is driven by a powerful electric motor. It also has a new drive concept. A star-delta drive and frequency converter, which makes it possible to vary the speed of the rotor as required, is available as an option. Thanks to its all-electric drive concept E-DRIVE, there is an option for an external power supply which means that the machine can be operated locally free of emissions.

Standardised operation thanks to the SPECTIVE operating concept

The MOBIREX MR 130i PRO is also equipped with the operating concept SPECTIVE, with which operators in quarries are already familiar from the other MOBIREX MR 130 EVO2 plants. The operating concept is intuitive and has a consistent structure across the MOBIREX series. The components of the latest SPECTIVE generation, such as the new radio remote controls and the digital solution SPECTIVE CONNECT, simplify the everyday work routine even more.

Many years of good co-operation tipped the scales

In this case, prior to purchasing it was not possible to view the machine in operation in advance, for example, in another company. The impact crusher is, after all, a new development. Thanks to co-operation Kleemann lasting many years and good experience with the company’s products, however, a very solid foundation of trust existed. And of course it was possible to view the machine in the Kleemann plant in Göppingen.