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John Deere Power Systems 18.0L DIESEL OF THE YEAR 2021

John Deere Power Systems 18.0L DIESEL OF THE YEAR 2021


The John Deere 18.0L engine was awarded with the Diesel of the year (DOTY) 2021.

Introduced as a preview at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, held in Las Vegas from 10 to 14 March 2020, the in-line six-cylinder engine has immediately attracted the attention of the DOTY jury.

The new engine was built on the 13.6L engine design, the latter unveiled back in 2017, also in Las Vegas, In fact, the two models share more or less the same approach and features. For instance, the high-pressure common rail fuel system and series turbochargers, as well as cooled EGR and hydraulic lash adjusters that eliminate the need to manually reset the valve lash. A rear gear train reduces noise as well as torsional crank stress.

Compared with other 18 liters industrial engines, the 18.0L definitely stood out, relying on its 650 kilowatts
(870 hp) and 4,250 Nm (433,7 kgm – 3134,64 ft-lb).

The decision to award the John Deere 18.0L was not only based on its specific curves, but also on the industrial philosophy that lies behind them. John Deere still believes in the ICE and invests in the efficiency of the Diesel cycle in order to prove itself as a reliable player when it comes to sustainability, whether addressed to captive or free market applications.
«Our 18.0L engine is the second in our next-generation line of engines, which is primarily driven by customer
and market needs», said Michael Lefebvre, Manager, Global Marketing Support at John Deere Power Systems.

«Advanced modeling allowed us to define and optimize engine subsystems to achieve our performance requirements and to deliver on our customers’ growing horsepower needs. It’s an honor for our 18.0L engine to be recognized as the Diesel of the year».

«The development of an engine with such displacement and performances proves that the diesel cycle is still a cutting-edge technology, with a great potential also for the future, above all for heavy-duty applications», said Fabio Butturi, deputy editor of the DOTY jury and editor-in-chief of Diesel International.
According to Fabrizio Dalle Nogare, editor at Diesel International and member of the DOTY jury, «the torque
of the 18.0L engine manages to meet heavier work cycles and higher load peaks».



Since 2006, the Diesel of the year has been awarding an industrial engine. The main parameters taken into consideration by the jury are innovation, as well as compactness, specific power, specific torque and aftertreatment systems.