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It Is Not Just Recruiting. Building a Strong Employer Brand on a long-time basis

It Is Not Just Recruiting. Building a Strong Employer Brand on a long-time basis


On my journey of recruiting amazing people for extraordinary companies, I have come to understand that recruitment is much more than just filling positions. It’s about building a lasting impression and a strong employer brand. Here are some key insights I’ve gathered from my experience as a career coach and recruitment consultant.

1. People Leave Managers, Not Companies

One of the fundamental truths in the workplace is that people often leave their jobs because of their managers, not the companies themselves. This highlights the critical role of leadership in retaining top talent. As an employer, as a leader, it’s important to invest in training and developing your management team to ensure they can effectively lead and support their teams.

2. Intelligence Is Invisible

Recognizing talent goes beyond what is visible on a resume. Intelligence and potential are often hidden beneath the surface. This is why it’s essential to use a comprehensive and thoughtful approach in your recruitment process, looking for qualities that might not be immediately apparent but can significantly contribute to your company’s success.

3. Use Simple Words (Ones You Can Hold Onto)

Effective communication in recruitment and management should be straightforward and accessible. Using simple, clear language helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and can contribute meaningfully to discussions and decisions.

4. The Power of Presence: Making Space for Others

A crucial aspect of effective recruitment and team integration is being present and making space for others. Many entrepreneurs want to hire people and grow their businesses, but not all allocate the necessary time or resources for recruitment and onboarding. If you hire a recruitment firm, it doesn’t mean they deliver a ready-made employee without any effort from your side.

5. Employer Branding: Your Representation in the Market

Your employer brand is what attracts potential employees and shapes their first impression of your company. It’s not just about finding the right person for the job; it’s about how you are perceived during the recruitment process.

When a recruiter reaches out to candidates, they represent your company. The interactions candidates have with recruiters influence their perception of your organization. This is why it’s essential to choose your recruitment partners wisely – they are the face of your company in the job market.

6. Choose Wisely: Who Represents You?

When you decide to outsource your recruitment, you need to be mindful of who will represent you. The recruitment process involves a lot of human and emotional interaction. It’s about more than just finding a suitable candidate; it’s about how the recruiter engages with potential hires and conveys your company’s values and culture.

7. The Importance of Your Employer Brand

Think about the employer brand you want to build in the market. How do you want to be perceived by candidates? The way your recruitment process is managed can significantly impact this perception.

An effective employer brand strategy involves consistent messaging, positive candidate experiences, and a clear representation of your company’s values and culture. This is not only crucial for attracting top talent but also for maintaining a positive reputation in the industry.


Recruitment is not just about filling an empty space; it’s about building relationships and creating a positive image of your company in the minds of potential employees. By investing time and effort into your recruitment process and choosing your partners wisely, you can build a strong employer brand that attracts and retains top talent.

Irina Cherry

Founder & CEO








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