Home International Articles, Interviews How to Turn Waste into Profit | Interview with Guido Azzolin, MB Crusher Director
How to Turn Waste into Profit | Interview with Guido Azzolin, MB Crusher Director

How to Turn Waste into Profit | Interview with Guido Azzolin, MB Crusher Director


In a world where resources are scarce and environmental issues are urgent, finding ways to reuse and recycle materials is crucial for sustainability. One company that has been leading the way in this field is MB Crusher, a global leader in the production and sale of crusher buckets, screening buckets, drum cutters and grapples. In this article, we will learn more about MB Crusher’s innovative solutions, how they help customers save time and money, and what are their future plans and goals.


MB Crusher: A Company with a Vision

MB Crusher  is a company that has a long history and a strong vision for the future. Founded in 2002, MB Crusher is the successor of a family business that has been operating in the fields of crushing, excavating and roadworks for more than 60 years. MB Crusher is not just a contractor, but also an innovator. The company has a dedicated R&D department that constantly develops new products and solutions to meet the changing needs and expectations of its customers. MB Crusher’s motto is „The customer is at the center of our attention”. The company strives to provide high-quality products and services that will make the customers’ job easier and more profitable. MB Crusher is a company that sets itself apart from its competitors by its passion, professionalism and performance.


Risk Management in Construction Projects

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling potential threats that may affect the success of a construction project. Risk factors can include technical, financial, environmental, legal, social and political issues, as well as human errors and accidents. The aim of risk management is to minimize the negative impacts of these factors and maximize the opportunities for improvement and innovation.

One of the strategies for effective risk management is to use MB Crusher equipment, which offers a safe and efficient solution for crushing and recycling materials on site. MB Crusher equipment can be attached to any excavator, loader or skid steer, and can operate in any condition and terrain. By using MB Crusher equipment, the operator can work from inside the cab without being exposed to any danger, and can reduce the amount of waste material and transport costs. MB Crusher equipment also allows for the reuse of materials in different applications, such as road construction, landscaping, demolition and renovation. This way, MB Crusher equipment not only reduces the risk of environmental pollution, but also enhances the quality and value of the final product.


A Cost-Effective Road Construction in Egypt

One of the most challenging construction projects that our company faced together with R2 Squared Construction was the construction of a road to connect two oases in Egypt. The project involved the construction of a 100 km road between the Siwa oasis and the Qara oasis, located in a remote and arid region. However, R2 Squared Construction found a creative and efficient solution using the MB Crusher crusher bucket, that allowed him to crush and reuse the material on site. The material was made of basaltic, dolomitic and calcareous rocks, suitable for road construction. Using this innovative technique, the customer was able to complete the project ahead of schedule, saving almost 20 million Egyptian pounds (1 million euros).


How MB Crusher promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness in the construction industry

Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are increasingly important in the construction industry. Customers, regulators and stakeholders expect companies to adopt environmentally conscious approaches in their projects. MB Crusher is a company that values sustainability as a fundamental principle that guides its entire business. We believe that by managing our business in a sustainable, ethical and responsible way, we can actively contribute to the preservation of our planet, the protection of the environment and the creation of a better future for future generations. Our company is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities, through the use of efficient and ecological technologies, the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of emissions and waste. All MB Crusher units are strictly related to the carrier they are installed on, which means that any new technology improvement to cut down carbon footprint on the carrier will benefit our units. We also encourage companies to use our attachments as this will substantially cut down CO2 emissions. We are constantly communicating how by using MB Crushers in the job site, companies can drastically reduce the number of trucks in and out of the construction site. As a company, we are also very attentive to our daily operations. For example, we have photovoltaic panels installed in our premises for a clean energy source.


How Technology Improves Construction Efficiency

Technology is transforming the construction industry in many ways. One of the most innovative tools that can streamline processes and enhance project efficiency is the MB equipment. This equipment allows contractors to crush, screen, and recycle materials on site, without the need for trucks or new materials. By using the MB equipment, contractors can save time, money, and resources, while reducing environmental impact and improving quality. The MB equipment is a smart solution for modern construction challenges.


Building a strong workforce is crucial

At MB Crusher, we believe that our people are our most valuable asset. That’s why we invest in talent acquisition, training, and employee retention to build a strong and diverse workforce. We recruit qualified and motivated candidates from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, who share our vision and values. We provide them with continuous learning opportunities, career development paths, and performance feedback. We also foster a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and recognition, where everyone feels valued and respected. By doing so, we enhance our productivity, creativity, and customer satisfaction.


How we adapt to challenges and satisfy our customers

Construction projects often encounter unforeseen challenges. How do we adapt and make real-time decisions to keep projects on track while maintaining client satisfaction? We listen. Listening to the customer needs means producing units that will make their job easier and more remunerative. Our R&D department works hard behind the scenes to make units that are more productive, more performing and easier to maintain. Also, we have built a distribution network that allows us to rapidly meet customer demands. Customers are the centre of what we do. We communicate with them regularly and proactively, and we respond to their feedback and suggestions. We also monitor the progress of our projects and adjust our plans accordingly. We are flexible and agile, ready to face any challenge with confidence and professionalism.


Our Vision for the Future

We are proud of our history of innovation and excellence in our industry. We have always been driven by a passion to create products that exceed customer expectations and solve their problems. Our R&D team is constantly exploring new technologies and opportunities to improve our offerings and expand our market share. In the next few years, we plan to launch several new products that will enhance our competitive edge and increase our customer satisfaction. We are also aware of the potential challenges and changes that may arise in our industry, such as regulatory shifts, environmental concerns, and emerging competitors. We are prepared to adapt and respond to these changes with agility and resilience. We believe that by staying true to our core values and mission, we will continue to grow and thrive in the future.