Home International News, Press releases - Constructions HIMOINSA presents the HCOMPACT+, its new amazingly robust mobile lighting tower equipped with LED technology
HIMOINSA presents the HCOMPACT+, its new amazingly robust mobile lighting tower equipped with LED technology

HIMOINSA presents the HCOMPACT+, its new amazingly robust mobile lighting tower equipped with LED technology


Protected by a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy, this portable unit is already making a name for itself as one of the most competitive lighting towers on the market in terms of operational durability and efficiency. Offering low fuel consumption, extended running time and long service intervals, the new model incorporates the latest and most innovative connectivity features and a highly efficient two-cylinder Yanmar engine.

HIMOINSA, which continues to develop its complete range of new lighting towers, has just brought to market the HCOMPACT+, a new mobile lighting tower distinguished by its robust and durable heavy-duty polyethylene canopy, LED technology, connectivity and maximum efficiency. An ideal product for the construction and mining industries, for example, where compact, robust and easily transportable equipment is a must.

The new design features a remote cooling system which, among numerous other benefits, guarantees sound emissions as low as 53 dB(A) at 7 metres, as well as increased durability and residual value. “We have worked hard to develop a design that isolates the engine area from the rest of the unit, creating an independent space, well away from the air flows, thereby reducing the intake of dust, water and other substances, and ensuring that the engine, the filters and indeed all the other components can have a longer service life”, explains Miguel Angel Ruiz, Global Engineering & Development Head at HIMOINSA.

In terms of mobility and transport, the HCOMPACT+ is a portable and compact unit with approved wheels and a manual levelling system to ensure it remains stable on any surface. To make it easier to deploy the towers in off-road mining environments, several units can be transported in line.

The new model’s hot-dip galvanised chassis protects the unit from rust, while forklift pockets on all four sides protect it from transport damage. Its heavy-duty polyethylene canopy not only guarantees high levels of durability, but is in itself a robust and hard-wearing component that maximizes the unit’s residual value.

To ensure maximum safety during transport and operation, the HCOMPACT+ features an Automatic Mast Operating Safety System (AMOSS), which prevents the unit from being transported unless the mast is lowered, thereby prioritising people’s safety in all operating situations. The design also includes internal locks to prevent possible theft.

As far as environmental protection is concerned, the HCOMPACT+ is equipped with a retention tray (110% waterproof) to prevent any leakage or spillage of liquids.

With a lumen output of 6,400 m2 at an average of 20 lux , the HCOMPACT+ is fitted with 4 x 350W LED lamps (50X50 SMD Chip Technology). Its hydraulically raised telescopic mast reaches a height of 8.3 metres and can rotate through 360°, thus guaranteeing optimum light coverage.

In terms of transportability, up to 12 units can be transported on a 13-metre trailer or 10 in a 40-foot container.

Its compact design features large openings for easy maintenance and a wide hinged door and removable ventilation grilles for easy cleaning.


Yanmar Engine | Stage V

Low Emissions and High Performance & Efficiency

The HCOMPACT+ incorporates a Yanmar 2TNV70 two-cylinder engine with optimised fuel consumption of less than 0.55 l/h, which makes it one of the most competitive products on the market in terms of consumption. It features a large capacity tank with a running time of 400 h and generous 600-hour service intervals, competitive advantages of an engine that has been designed by Yanmar, the parent company of HIMOINSA ‘A Yanmar Company’, whose product developments are led by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers and technical experts who work to ensure that the company’s products are as efficient and competitive as possible.


CET8 | HIMOINSA Control Unit

Connectivity and Remote Control

The CET8 controller that HIMOINSA has designed and manufactured offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface to ensure simple and reliable use of the machine.  It includes an automatic working mode (Start/Stop), engine Run/Stop, mast Up/Down and lamps On/Off, as well as the reverse when the stop is activated. The control system has been developed with an optimal user experience in mind, which is why the new CET8 controller comes with a joystick to raise and lower the mast.

The user can interact with the controller in a number of ways, depending on his or her level of expertise. The HCOMPACT+ is equipped with CAN BUS, which means that the operator can connect to the C4Cloud fleet management module to remotely control the units. Users can manage the equipment remotely from a smartphone, tablet or PC to check key indicators such as fuel levels, service hours or even manage the machine’s operation.

HIMOINSA continues to invest in the development of its complete range of lighting towers. The new HCOMPACT+ is the latest design to be launched, joining the recent HBOX+, HBOX+ Hybrid and HBOX+ 48VDC models, while several existing versions have been updated, such as the AS4006 model which now features LED technology and an S5 engine, as well as other adaptations with specific technical specifications for markets such as Australia, Germany, the UK, etc.

The company’s aim is to strengthen its position in the lighting tower market as part of the growth strategy of its Mobile Power business unit, which is why it is continuing to develop new models that will soon be introduced to the market.

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Founded in 1982, HIMOINSA is a leading designer and manufacturer of power technology solutions. It supplies power generation equipment in the international market: generator sets, lighting towers, and power storage and distribution systems.
Its complete product range allows it to satisfy the power needs of the international market in compliance with local standards and regulations, thanks to the strategic location of its factories and its research and development centres on all five continents.
The company manufactures generator sets for continuous, emergency and PRP applications, designed with a thoroughly researched scope of supply to meet the specific demands of each sector: residential, industrial, telecommunications, data centers, construction, mining, etc
In 2015, HIMOINSA became part of the Yanmar Group (Japan, 1912), a renowned company in the international market, leader in the design and manufacture of industrial and marine engines, agricultural and construction equipment, etc. From that moment on, HIMOINSA became part of Yanmar Energy System (YES), Yanmar’s power division.