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Few in the business know demolition equipment as well as those who manufactures it. With over thirty years of experience in the production of adaptable spare parts for hydraulic hammers, Samep Tools, an historic company from Turin, launches a new activity branch:
Hammer Master Lab.
What is Hammer Master Lab about?
Mino Salvia, General Manager, explains: “In recent years we have been looking at a growing number of customers who prefer to repair their equipment rather than buying new ones.
In fact, our production department has witnessed a strong increase in the demand for spare parts of the internal system, rather than external wear parts.
Over time, therefore, more and more specialized skills and ever more specific machines were needed: we took up the challenge and expanded the team and machine tooling fleet. The next step was a natural one to take: Hammer Master Lab, HML for short, is our 360 degree service, from the factory to the construction site!”.
Hammer Master Lab is the service branch of Samep Tools that employs a team of highly experienced engineers and mechanics, bringing them together in its new atelier, located next to the production plant and equipped with cutting-edge technical tools.
The service may include the collection of equipment on site, a complete free diagnosis, any production of damaged spare parts and repair with adaptable and / or original accessories, depending on the case.
The workshop counts on all the equipment and the knowledge that is necessary to customize the service: if the customer’s machine needs out-of-standard interventions, the staff will be able to study a customized solution and implement it with the help of Samep Tools. Some examples? Production of parts on sampling, design and manufacture of oversized parts, polishing, grinding.
Furthermore, Hammer Master Lab has a mobile staff that directly assists the customers on site: intervening on demolition machines, installations of stop positioners, atomization and pressurization systems on the excavator, attachment / carrier couplings, motorcompressors, start-up, assistance and repair of multi-brand drilling rigs.
The hydraulic hammer is obviously the central figure of this successful activity: HML can only benefit from the engineering knowhow and top-quality products of Samep Tools products: bushings, pistons, tie rods, cylinders, standard tools and for special applications are strictly original or Samep Tools.
The equivalent quality of these pieces allows them to make maintenance and assistance to machines of prestige and heavy operating weight, hammers on which usually only the parent company would allow to intervene.
HML by Samep Tools, Via Vajont 78, 10098  Rivoli (TO); +39.0114081710 http://www.hmlab.it/