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A Class A1 Border Road Organisation contractor overcame supply shortage in Government Road Project

The project involving MB Crusher jaw crushers was about the construction of more than 100 kms of road through Border Road Organisation, a government organization under Indian Defence, spanned across different Indian Border area.

Specifically, the customer was awarded a portion of this road construction project in the Northern mountainous region of India, which was approximately 35 kms in length at the altitude of 16,700 feet above sea level.

Considering the high altitude of the project site, installing a static crusher was very difficult in the area. Additionally, due to non-availability of electricity, they had to rely on Diesel Generator Set (DG set) to run their static crusher at site to meet their requirements.

Furthermore, the site being in such a high altitude, the oxygen level is very low which results in a DG not operating at its full operational capacity.

They had also deputed manual labours at their project site to segregate small pieces of stones, but this solution was yielding them very low output productivity. Considering the geological condition in the region, the project site is covered with severe snow for the major part of the year.

They were preparing GSB material (30mm – 60mm down) for their project to prepare roads and helipads in the region. While looking for an alternative solution, they came across MB Crusher Bucket BF90.3 S4 and had deployed the same on a trial basis at one of their project site in the recent past.

Despite the project location being in a very remote area, customer found MB Bucket crusher as more productive machine, which not only saves time, saves huge transportation cost, is easy to mobilize with lower operational and maintenance cost but also helps them to reduce manual labour cost and availability issues.

After seeing the performance of the existing machine, customer within a span of three months bought other three MB Bucket Crushers for his various ongoing projects. Till today, they owns 4 units of MB Crusher’s BF90.3S4 bucket crusher deployed at various project sites.

This only happened as Customer found MB Bucket Crusher as most efficient, highly productive and most cost effective.

Video: https://vimeo.com/651068171