Home International Events ATRAX Started Preparations for the Next Exhibition to be Held between 30 January-1 February 2025
ATRAX Started Preparations for the Next Exhibition to be Held between 30 January-1 February 2025

ATRAX Started Preparations for the Next Exhibition to be Held between 30 January-1 February 2025


ATRAX, the only specialised exhibition of Turkey’s attraction and recreation sector, continues to grow endlessly with its international visitor and business potential. ATRAX, organised by Tureks International Fairs, announced the next exhibition date as 30 January – 1 February 2025 with an important announcement and started preparations.

2025 Expo Theme: Contribution to a Sustainable Life

In line with its ‘Happy Cities’ mission, ATRAX Expo continues to focus on creating spaces for a healthy society and socialisation and creating happy cities by emphasising how important amusement, activity areas and parks are for cities, children, the general population and the environment. Within the scope of this mission, by determining the 2025 exhibition theme as „Contribution to a sustainable life”, it actually emphasises that improving social life and sustainability are intertwined and complementary elements.

Big Show in 6 Thematic Areas Separated by Product Groups!

Due to the high investment capacities and the variety of products needed, ATRAX brings together all the players of the sector in a common showcase with thematic halls including ATTRACTION, PARK- SPORT AREA – AQUAFUN – OUTDOOR LIVING – VENDING areas separated according to product groups. It creates a great synergy, makes the exhibition more attractive and offers a visitor-friendly, easily accessible and more efficient expo.

Istanbul: The Heart of Trade with Geographical and Logistic Advantages

Istanbul is a city that stands out not only with its historical and cultural richness but also with its geographical and logistic advantages. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Middle East and Asia, Istanbul acts as a bridge between three continents.

Istanbul’s geographical and logistical advantages make it an ideal centre for international trade. The fact that our exhibition will be held in Istanbul will provide access to an important trade centre such as Istanbul and to wide markets. This will contribute significantly to the success of our participating companies.



12th International Amusement, Parks, Sports and Recreation Industry ATRAX is the international business platform in Turkey for the global amusement, attractions and recreation industry with huge investment power. ATRAX, which offers all products, services and projects together in the construction and maintenance of facilities for urban recreation needs such as parks, playgrounds, entertainment centres, recreation areas, activity and sports areas with the vision of urban life and happiness, guides visitors through project, design, product, service and investment processes. From 30 January to 1 February, companies from around the world will gather at the Istanbul Expo Centre to showcase their innovations and product developments.