Reliability, quality, technical contents and excellent performances are the elements which have brought the Italian company Alta Edilizia to choose again Palazzani.

Alta Edilizia operates since years in the sector of platforms and electrical scaffoldings rental business. In this sector, security is fundamental, and rely on a leader company of the sector has been the best choice. Palazzani philosophy meets perfectly their vision, where the professionalism is shown in fieldwork. The competence of Alta Edilizia operators and the preparation in the sector were also important.

“The manufacturing quality allows to obtain the maximum productivity in the construction industry sector, but it is not enough. For this reason, we consider Palazzani Spiders excellent and versatile machines”, says proudly Mr. Emanuele Siragusa – sales manager in Alta Edilizia.

Another glaring example, which is particularly in vogue in this period, is the use of Spider Lifts in the telecommunication sector, to adequate the antennas to the 5G technology. This has been one of the last works done by Alta Edilizia where there have been used three Palazzani machines at the same time:   XTJ 37+/C, TSJ 39/C and the big XTJ 52+/C.

Our consumers confirm that our machines are particularly suitable for this application, providing us positive feedback and photos of machines working in places inaccessible by any other means: important slopes, difficult ground, mud, big trees, historic arches, narrow streets of the old town centre. This is what the Spider Lifts have to deal with, to reach and work on a single antenna.

“This intervention has been a really triumph because we have used two of our biggest spiders together to lift a component of more than 500 kg. For obvious reasons, it was necessary to divide the weight between two working machines and consequently we choose to use the TSJ 39 and the XTJ 52+ together with their hydraulic winch. In the same time, we used the XTJ 37+ with basket to position the part on the top” said Mr. Siragusa.


TZX 250 has officially entered in the wide Palazzani range of machines, enriching the TZX family of 17 to 25 meters. The new model has the typical interesting working diagrams of Palazzani TZX, with two articulated and telescopic booms.

This boom system grants aerial agility and a sensation of stability in the basket, thanks to the aluminium structure and the oversized booms sections. TZX 250 offers 25 m of maximum working high without restriction in movements and a maximum reach of 10,6 m with an extreme low operative weight of just 2660 kg.

It is designed to be really compact in transport phase, 5123 m  length, 980 mm wide and only 1921 mm high, with a minimum set-up width of just 2840 mm.  Excellent in performances and easy to use; both qualities are already known on Palazzani Spiders.

The stabilizers lowering can be done with the manual or automatic system according to the needs, with double set-up option (wide and narrow) over slope till 19%.

The low barycenter offers an excellent stability also in transfers on irregular ground or on slope till 23% in the crawler version and till 21% in the wheel version.

The standard basket of 1400×700 mm, with capacity of 1 or 2 people (120 or 200 kg) is made of aluminium and easy to disassemble to transfer in narrow spaces. It is equipped with fixed hydraulic controls and a socket of 230 V to use tools. The optional air/ water pipe is available for facade cleaning application.

Moreover, as in all Palazzani Spiders, the basket can also have an anti-collision system with laser and ultrasounds on all sides to avoid crushes or accidents also from entrapment in working sites where obstacles can be a safety problem.

The new Spider TZX 250 expands the wide range of Palazzani Spider platforms which today includes 16 model from 15 to 52 m high, in crawler and  wheel version and with every type of power option: Bi- energy (diesel +AC) and ECO (AC+DC) with  acid lead or lithium  batteries.


One FPB 75 is at Palazzani Factory in these days for repairing. That seems nothing special, until we mention the year of manufacturing of this unit: 1979!

Palazzani Crane FPB 75 is a machine with a payload of ton 7,5 and telescopic hydraulic booms with 4,2  m of maximum outreach and 7 m of maximum lifting height.

This “piece of history” has worked constantly until now and is still performing very well. It is owned by an Italian Company specialized in the trade of special steels. The application consists in loading and unloading steel bundles and reinforced concrete rebar. The owner hasn’t any intention to dismiss it, on the contrary they’ve sent it to our Factory to perform a general control by us and by the State Authority to certify its suitability to operate in perfect security.

We shall share our compliments to the owner for the accurate service done on the machine and to our designer and workers for this well-designed and well-manufactured reliable and longeval machine!