Today we talk about Abruzzo: a rugged mountain land, but also rich in sweet beaches and fresh pine forests in Southern Italy, well praised by Gabriele D’Annunzio strong „testimonials” of these beautiful and particular lands.

Few weeks ago the first XTJ 52+ Palazzani Crawler Spider Lift of that Region reached Chieti, at the Di Primio Noleggi Company.

This model has a max working height of 52 m and an operating outreach of 19.5 m ideal for all interventions at height which are now more and more demanded in Italy. The main application is on telephone infrastructure for the installation of 5G systems.

With the 500 kg hydraulic winch, XTJ 52 can lift the parts to install on the top of antennas, becoming the best, safe and most versatile solution for this type of application. The hydraulic winch has become a “must have” for Palazzani customers, because it extends the versatility of is easily mountable and has pinpoint precision with controls declined by a highly sophisticated and professional Can Bus system; moreover, this system gives the platform movements a sweetness and precision unknown to traditional systems as well as, due to its digital nature, it ensures a saving of time and fuel bigger than 20% of the standard.

This option is obviously coupled with the PalConnect system which provides remote assistance, geolocation and web management of many functions relating to the operation of the platform, these systems are now necessary in a modern and efficient company.

Excited but very focused on the job Mr. Andrea Di Primio, owner of the homonymous Abruzzo rental company, said: “Today I crown my dream of having a high platform – 52 meters – with the possibility of using it in the most various environments, it is ideal for telephony, but above all for the narrow medieval alleys of the towns in my region and this giant of the sky will soon be seen stand out everywhere „

We are sure that very soon we will hear about these excellently executed works by the Palazzani-Di Primio noleggi tandem!



The fallout from the pandemic Covid-19 will be severe for the economy of the most developed countries and, consequently, for the whole world. The magnitude of the global recession that lies ahead derives above all from the duration of the infection and from the way in which the financial authorities will respond to the health and social disaster.

The most direct and effective way to fight the economic downturn remains the construction and maintenance of infrastructures and this is the only solution to stabilize growth, employment, unlock the potential growth and improve long-term competitiveness; the construction of infrastructures increases GDP and creates jobs, while their availability can increase productivity and promote both competition and cooperation.

In particular, attention to infrastructure investments should be directed towards 5G telecommunications, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, smart cities, education and health care.

During this emergency many of our customers have worked tirelessly to support right this sector, providing machines and workforce to speed up the installation of 5G and quickly improve communications, which in this period smart working, information, training and much more have stormed.

In the photo gallery, on the side, you will find photographs of those who, with Palazzani machines, continued to work to keep our country and its economy in motion.



SK-Agrar, a company founded in 2013 by Engineer Hermann Schulte Kellinghaus in Ruhrgebeit – Germany, deals with providing products, machinery and related assistance to experts in the field of green maintenance, this sector has undergone a great expansion in recent years and the demand for cutting-edge equipment suited to their needs has increased exponentially.

Eng. Hermann has identified in the Palazzani TSJ 27 platform the most suitable machine to meet the needs of its customer, the Thomas Strangemann Baumdienst GmbH company specialized in tree pruning, cultivation and forestry. The client’s need was to have an aerial platform that could serve inaccessible and difficult to reach workplaces, with minimum dimensions and weight, that could work both off-road and in the city: what’s better than a Palazzani Spider ?

The Ragno TSJ 27/C is the ideal machine to face green maintenance work, in addition to its reduced size and weight, it offers manual stabilization with independent stabilizers, the ideal configuration for placing the machine in difficult or steep places; moreover all the pipes and electric cables are inside the main telescopic arm, this avoids the entanglement of branches that could cause big damages, finally the slewing gear with a rotation of 660 ° and the jib tilting of 175 °, allow to reach different working areas without moving the machine several times.

In addition, the TSJ 27 Palazzani platform has been equipped with important and useful options such as the remote control, additional protections that guarantee even more safety for those who face this type of work, non-marking tracks and basket of customized dimensions as expressly requested by the customer.