Home International A Palazzani Ragno Spider Lift at work for telecommunications in Hull West Yorkshire
A Palazzani Ragno Spider Lift at work for telecommunications in Hull West Yorkshire

A Palazzani Ragno Spider Lift at work for telecommunications in Hull West Yorkshire


Just arrived across the Channel at the end of 2020, the new Palazzani Spider Lift XTJ 37+ was immediately put to work for its first mission, on a Telecoms application in Hull West Yorkshire.

The application involved lifting a bracket which would be mounted to the roof allowing an antenna to be attached. The XTJ 37+ was able to do the job in an excellent way thanks to the combined use of the basket and subsequently the 500 kg hydraulic winch. All in total safety and with extreme speed, thanks to the fast replacement from basket to winch made even easier by the new hydraulic connector system. Concrete weights were also winched in place, to be used as ballast weights to hold the bracket in place.

This case history represents one of the most common types of recent interventions; in fact, antennas are often located in urban centers, with narrow spaces between buildings or with surrounding green areas not allowing access to traditional AWP or cranes. In these cases, the Spider Lifts, designed for difficult accesses, are the only possible solution and, specifically, the Spider Lift Palazzani XTJ 37+, equipped with a winch, made it possible to perform two operations with an important time and cost saving.

Paramount Platforms Ltd is the company that has included the first XTJ37 in the United Kingdom in its fleet; a grouping of powered access specialists with over 30 years’ experience, offering significant expertise in working at height in delicate, difficult and sensitive environments, in confined spaces and weight-restricted areas.

“We have a history with Palazzani spanning 20 years from Universal, days where Lee, Scott and Steve have experience of Palazzani Spider Lifts reaching up to 38m” say Steve Mann, Lee Kerr and Scott Bone, founders of Paramount Platforms Ltd. “The Palazzani specification represents a variation from the usual theme offering greater strength and comfort with a rigid ride. This robust build allows a safe working load of 330kgs and the crane hook lifts a significant 500kgs”.

The XTJ 37+, 37 m high and 15.7 m outreach, was supplied in the tracked version, with Bi-energy (Diesel + AC) power option, totally yellow customized colours and complete with electric generator and 500kg hydraulic winch. Before delivery, Paramount technicians were trained in Palazzani Factory for transferring the main knowledge about the equipment use and maintenance. << It was a pleasure to get back in cooperation with Steve, Lee and Scott after a long time and to enrich their important fleet with a new generation Palazzani Spider Lift; >> says Laura Gasparini, Export Sales Manager of Palazzani << the model and configuration selection took place after an attentive analysis of their needs by email and phone, followed by some meetings in Palazzani Factory, when interesting discussions and all the necessary demonstrations were carried out to make Paramount Staff understanding the important technological evolution that our product has had in recent years. We hope our cooperation will grow and we’ll provide our best support>>

Having acquired a fleet of 27 Spiders, specified for numerous applications, Paramount recognise that “with the refinement of the spider concept, customers are transferring to the use of spiders in place of traditional and conventional powered access”. “Expecting the endorsement of our customers, we will soon be adding more Palazzanis to our fleet” ends positively Lee Kerr.



Sicily Island, a byzantine, Arab and then Norman land with its countless facets and breathtaking landscapes always enchants at every glance and is full of novelty.

But the biggest news for AWP lovers has arrived in Palermo a few weeks ago: we are talking about three powerful Palazzani spiders, one XTJ32, one XTJ37+ and a brand new XTJ43+!

The three units joined the rental fleet of the Mandalà Noleggi, a Company operating in the rental business in Palermo and throughout the Sicilian region for over 30 years. This trio of tracked platforms was selected mainly for their telescopic Jibs – from 6 to 8.5 meters – which allow to easily go up and over any obstacle both in construction and telecoms sites.

The sophisticated can-bus system, included in all three spiders, allows to do up to 4 simultaneous movements with the same agility with a single control, and increases the already high safety standards of Palazzani tracked platforms. This important sale was made by the skilled Palazzani dealer for Sicily: Sorbello Tre srl Group of Catania along with the support of Mr. Antonino Chiazzese from Chiazzese Gru Company. << we chose to renew our fleet >> they say from the Mandalà group << with the most performing and flexible Palazzani Spider Lifts with the telescopic Jib. The intricate Sicilian urban planning often requires to work in narrow, difficult spaces, and Palazzani Spiders make the difference, allowing us to work in any case >>. We are sure that we will often see all these three spiders operating in the skies of Palermo!