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COJALI S. L. supports PRIMAFRIO Group in Reducing  the Environmental Footprint of its fleet 

COJALI S. L. supports PRIMAFRIO Group in Reducing  the Environmental Footprint of its fleet 


After having received, a few weeks ago, the Accreditation for Green Fleet from the AEGFA (Spanish Association of Vehicle Fleet Managers) and the 1st Lean & Green Star from AECOC (Spanish Commercial Coding Association), in recognition of its effort to reduce 20% of its total emissions since 2015, Primafrio logistic group continues to maintain its commitment to achieve emission reduction and neutrality in its large fleet of commercial vehicles.

Jaltest Telematics, the Cojali S. L. solution for managing commercial vehicle fleets that incorporates multi-brand and multi-system predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics, has substantially contributed in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of Primafrio vehicle fleet, achieving savings of more than 1,600 litres of fuel on a daily basis, which are equivalent to a reduction of 3.94 tonnes of CO2 per day.

To these figures must be added 21,000 tonnes of carbon that Primafrio has managed to avoid emitting into the atmosphere, in just the last three years, in line with the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy of the European Commission, which sets as one of the main objectives to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) regarding transport by 2030, aiming to achieve a 100% reduction by 2050.

„This landmark in efficient driving is a major step in reducing the environmental footprint of the road mobility sector”, confirms José Ángel Gallego, Jaltest Telematics Global Sales Director, „for its part, Jaltest Telematics has proven to be a real added value for vehicle fleets that want to become leaders in sustainability and environmental care by establishing efficient and eco-friendly driving, as well as the optimal operation state and maintenance of vehicles, as the main proactive strategy for CO2 footprint reduction.”

The ODF platform of Jaltest Telematics gathers all efficient driving variables available from any location and device, so that any driver, fleet manager or customer can access and interact with all these data, as well as offering a comprehensive solution for vehicle monitoring with remote diagnostics, which is key to ensure the perfect maintenance state and even carry out advanced actions remotely, such as the error clearance or the particulate filter regeneration, among others.

Thanks to Jaltest Telematics, it is possible to optimise consumptions, increase the fleet safety and reduce the vehicle downtime through predictive maintenance that anticipates potential failures and establishes maintenance windows in accordance with the useful life of the components, guaranteeing the optimum operating condition of the vehicles. For a safer, more sustainable and digitalised fleet.



About Cojali

Cojali S. L. is a Spanish multinational manufacturer of components, diagnostics and telematics solutions with remote diagnostics for commercial vehicles; agricultural, special and material handling equipment; and vessels. Based in Campo de Criptana (Spain), our company has more than 30 years of experience.

Although it started focusing on the manufacture of components, Cojali S. L.  has evolved to meet the growing needs of the industrial automotive sector and has developed a wide variety of technological solutions as our diagnostic equipment or telematic solutions integrated with remote diagnostics.

Thanks to solid and unstoppable growth, Cojali S. L. has currently three subsidiaries: Cojali France, Cojali Italia and Cojali USA, as well as four sales offices in Germany, Russia, Turkey and Mexico, reaching thousands of workshops with our brand in more than 115 countries around the world.

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About Primafrio Group

Grupo Primafrio was set up over 50 years ago with a very clear goal: to become a global land refrigerated transport company which ensures their clients receive a comprehensive quality service.

Through the years, their commitment to innovation and quality has led them to improve every day, both technologically and logistically, by establishing strategic alliances with national and European partners in order to achieve the most comprehensive national and international coverage.

They have a close relationship with Murcia (Spain), where the fruit and vegetable sector play a key role, as it is our region of origin. We are thus proud to contribute to its economic development by offering solutions to our current social and technological challenges.

They work with the same enthusiasm as when they first began Aware that only thanks to the effort of their clients and the trust they placed in us, they have become the leading land refrigerated transport company in Spain and Europe.

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